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The Tarot Tells: Full [Blue] Moon in Libra (Mercury Retrograde)

Deck: The Dreaming Way

Date: 31 March, 2018

Time: 9:22p

Moon Phase: full [blue] moon in libra (mercury retrograde)

Spread: bespoke spread

I created this spread specifically for this full blue moon in libra with retrograde mercury. I was interested in including the influence of retrograde mercury during this cycle turnover. The spread naturally fell into the shape of a pentagram, but I didn’t force the order, so it’s a little haphazard, as I imagine a full blue moon phase in libra with retrograde mercury might be. My hope is that this spread will help shed some light (pun intended) on how we might best harness the forces at work during this celestial season to the benefit of all. Let’s see what we can see, shall we?

Cards Drawn:

1. 7 Wands

2. Strength (8)

3. 6 Pentacles

4. King Swords

5. Knight Pentacles

full moon tarot spread

Card Impressions:

Position 1 shows how things are in this present moment. It is meant as an impartial depiction of the current circumstance(s).

Position 2 reveals what is hidden that needs illuminating now under this beautiful moon. This card can give impressions for how we might best direct the moon’s spheres of power as we enter the waning phase.

Position 3 gives insight into retrograde mercury’s influence. This could be in reference to where to look for that influence, or how to work with it, rather than it working against us.

Position 4 paints the picture of the cycle that is ending at this ripened moon. What has come to fruition during this waxing phase and how it might serve?

Position 5 whispers of the new cycle that is ready to begin. What might need to be weeded or cut back during this waning phase?

General Overview:

7 Wands in the first position gives the impression of progress, but made with effort. Blood, sweat, and maybe even tears, are being shed to keep the momentum going, but there is an air of determination and drive propelling us forward despite the obstacles in the path.

Strength, the 8th trump card, found its way to position 2. And, well, the imagery seems ironically obvious here: there is hidden strength waiting to be tapped to continue this forward movement. This strength, unlike the imagery here, is not always obvious. The shine of the moon can shed some light on how to access it. The moon’s light is awesome at revealing the hidden Mysteries of the Universe, but also our own microcosmic hidden mysteries. Take some time beneath Her light and invite her to provide you with the illumination you seek. She's certainly help you tap into your hidden strength ... if not now, then when you need it most.

With the 6 of Pentacles in position 3, it looks like it might be a good time to take a personal inventory and repay some outstanding debts. This could be monetary debts, but, just as likely, could be personal debts owed. Do you owe an apology to anyone? Has someone been asking for your help, but you haven’t gotten around to giving it yet? Did you borrow something from someone and forget to return it? Have you been promising yourself that you’ll do something to improve your life (ie: self-care, or filing your taxes) only to continue to procrastinate again and again and again? Only you can determine how to balance your scales (notice Libra’s influence here?), and mercury is offering you an opportunity to shift your focus inward (the retrograde energy) to discover your way.

Looks like we’re coming out of an Air cycle, as represented by the King of Swords, the Grand Poobah of the Air element, in the 4th position. This offers a fun nod to the month of March being associated with wind. We’ve created plans and strategies, organized spaces, analyzed data, and communicated with everyone involved. This is a tidy place to be, and leaves us primed and ready to move forward.

And forward movement is imminent in the coming cycle. The Knight of Pentacles, in position 5, speaks to the benefit of removing any apparent obstacles to our progress. Slow and steady wins the race is one message here. Take time, while powering forward, to see that which lies ahead, but also stay alert to any potential challenges that might come from other directions to derail that progress. There is an indication of investing in the physical body during this waning phase. Perhaps it’s time to finally lace up those running shoes that have been collecting dust in the closet? Or finally cutting the Twinkies and Diet Coke from your diet? Whatever it is, it’s time to start trimming your physical care routine with the goal of being better fit for whatever is coming down the path. This feels a lot like Libra’s influence once again - instructing us to find more physical balance so we’ll have the stamina we need to keep up with all this imminent progress.

I hope this reading proves helpful and insightful for you, Bliss Bunnies! If you have any questions at all, please feel welcome to message me. Good luck as you navigate this moon cycle!

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