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Celestite, also called celestine, is a mineral consisting of strontium sulfate, a white crystalline salt powder, and, occasionally, with trace amounts of barium. It is this salt that gives celetite its milkiness. Most commonly appearing in shades of pale blue, celestite can also present in white, yellow, brown, green, or orange hues. In its purest state, celestite is colorless. It is the pale milky blue version of the stone, however, that most crystal workers prefer, as it is prized for its metaphysical properties. (See below.) It commonly forms in crystals and/or geodes. While some quantities of celestite can be found in many regions of the world, Madagascar is a prime producer of pale blue celestite.


Celestite is a stone that vibrates well with the three higher chakras: throat, third eye, and crown. It is commonly associated with the angelic realm and connection with Spirit or Source. This connection (through the crown chakra) gets translated into thought/clarity/understanding at the third eye chakra, and into authentic, enlightened, loving communication via the throat chakra.

If you find yourself feeling adrift in a sea of chaos, disorder, or even depression; celestite can be a great tool to reconnect with your spiritual guides, find some clarity of your situation, and regain divine unconditional love for yourself and your circumstances. It is from this place of love that we are all able to create new possibilities and realities for ourselves.


Celestite has a receptive energy. It is associated with the element Water, and the planets Venus and Neptune. It carries the qualities of compassion, eloquence, and healing. This is a stone of high vibration that can aid in connection with the higher planes of Spirit.

Work with celestite when you feel the need to strengthen your relationship with the Spiritual realm.


To wear or carry celestite invokes a sense of compassion for all worldly beings. It also enhances authentic, eloquent, inspired communication. Celestite is thought to be a tool of connection to guardian angels, spiritual guides, or other divine/universal support. As such, it can be a wonderful tool to use during Law of Attraction practice to help create or strengthen vibrational alignment between the physical self and the non-physical Source self.

On a more physical note, celestite has been used to relieve headaches, and alleviate stress and tension from the body/mind. It can be called on to help with depression associated with a feeling of confusion about one’s purpose and/or place in life. Celestite is also a potent sleep aid, opening one up to an increased sense of peace, ease, and contentment.


Celestite is the stone of guardian angel connection. As such, it has a strong association with the kind of protection resulting from divine support and connection.


I have a lovely pale milky blue celestite geode sitting on my desk at home. I keep it here to spur inspiration while I’m working, and to help me maintain a sense of peace and stress-free calm while I’m managing mundane tasks such as budgeting and bill-paying. I also will occasionally place this stone beneath my pillow to encourage tranquil sleep and/or sweet dreams.

Physically, I use my celestite in a couple of different ways. I place it on my third eye when I’m feeling stressed or confused or helpless around a particular (or general) situation. I will rest it on my throat when I’m seeking inspired speech that aligns with my higher purpose and desires. And, occasionally, I’ll place it on my heart, or hold it in my hands, to help find some soft comfort if I’m feeling heart-heavy or disconnected from my Spiritual guidance system.

Celestite is a beautiful and calming stone. I love working with it in my personal life and in my business.

As with any stone, if you are interested in purchasing one of your very own, I recommend going to a local crystal shop where you can interact with the stone directly before purchasing it. If this is not available to you, then I encourage you to buy online from companies with good reputations and even better return policies.

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