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The Tarot Tells: Awakening Full Moon in Scorpio/Lunar Beltane

Deck: The Dreaming Way

Date: 29 April, 2018

Time: 8:08p

Moon Phase: Full Moon in Scorpio (Lunar Beltane)

Spread: Truncated Celtic Cross

Tonight’s full moon certainly has its own significance, as always. But it has the added auspiciousness of being Lunar Beltane. Beltane is one of the 8 Natural holidays on the Wheel of the Year. It marks the traditional (if not the currently accepted) beginning of Summer. This is a holiday celebrating light, fertility, and community. As the holiday that ushers us into the season of action and manifestation, it might be easy to understand why Beltane is a wonderful time to make some things happen.

This Lunar Beltane gives us the Full Pink, or Flower, Moon in Scorpio. It is also sometimes referred to as the Awakening Moon. And it is this moniker that feels most resonant for me. Scorpio’s magick is of sensuality, passion, mysteries, and secrets. It is during the Full Moon in Scorpio that those things that are usually hidden in the depths of our individual and/or collective psyches are illuminated. It is a time that is ripe for us to awaken to whatever it is that feeds the passion deep within our souls. Beneath the moon’s soft light we can see more clearly those things (thoughts, behaviors, fears, etc.) that might be blocking our fullest manifestation of our most sacred dreams and desires. Take in whatever reveals itself during this time and give it the presence and attention needed to disarm it and send it on its way, thus clearing yourself a more easily discernible path toward your own bliss.

Below is what the cards have to share for this Lunar Beltane Awakening Moon phase.

Cards Drawn:

1. 5 Pentacles

2. The Tower

3. Knight Wands

4. 8 Cups

5. 3 Cups

6. 8 Swords

General Overview:

5 Pentacles starts off this reading in the Significator position. Fives are often indicative of the presentation of an obstacle following a period of progress and accumulation. The good news is that the solution is also available with the 5, if one is patient enough to receive it, and creative enough to see it. 5 Pentacles suggests that there’s been some progress on the earthly plane. Maybe work’s been especially productive. Or you’ve made some strides in your physical health recently. Perhaps you’ve wrangled your finances into a nicely aligned (or diversified) portfolio. Whatever it is, it’s been going well … until now. Something is come along to put a snag in your momentum. And it might cause you to turn back to some of your ingrained patterns of reactionary behaviors/thoughts. But! You might find that as you cast your glance toward the past, you can turn an analytical eye to how you’ve managed similar situations in the past for clues as to how to more effectively conquer this current road block.

The Tower card [in the Crossing position] is what is currently causing all this drama. The Tower is a pretty significant road block. This is a card depicting the very destruction of everything foundational and reliable. Many people see The Tower and run screaming. And, I get it, it’s a scary sight to see everything tumbling to the ground like that. But, the beautiful gift of The Tower card is not the pain of the destruction, but rather the path that has been cleared for a new vision to emerge. This is an opportunity to finally release any remaining ballast of ‘that which no longer serves’ in order to make space for new ideas, new opportunities, and new ways of doing things.

Externally, the Knight of Wands is nudging us to make continued cautious progress toward those things that really light our fires. But, he tells us, to watch our backs for any potential slips into old behaviors or old thought paradigms, or even old relationships that might have proven destructive and unproductive.

Internally, we are being given a similar message. 8 Cups is urging us on slowly and deliberately toward our emotional fulfillment. It’s also telling us to be prepared with some thought toward support, and even protection against possible pitfalls. In other words … walk softly, but carry a big stick. (Notice how she is carrying a staff just as the Knight of Wands? This indicates that our support can come from within as well as from outside influences.) Let emotions be the guides while navigating these waters.

This past moon cycle was a time of fecund creativity and emotional evolution, as evidenced by 3 Cups. Things were flowing relatively easily, communally, and enjoyably.

Looking ahead, we may find ourselves being tested on what we’ve learned from this current experience. 8 Swords indicates a trial of wits in which we will need to be able to trust our deepest instincts to move forward with ease and safety.

If we are able to use the gifts of The Tower, rather than getting weighed down in the debris of all that old detritus, we will certainly find our way. Just remember to use the light of the Awakening Moon to provide the illumination you need to start rebuilding your new and improved masterpiece of a life!

I hope this reading proves helpful and insightful for you! If you have any questions at all, please feel welcome to message me. Good luck as you navigate this Lesson!

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