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Deck: The Mythic Tarot

Date: 29 May, 2018

Time: 7:26p

Moon Phase: Full moon in sagittarius

Spread: Truncated Celtic Cross

Cards Drawn:

1. Knight Cups

2. 6 Cups

3. 2 Cups

4. 7 Pentacles

5. 8 Wands

6. Queen Swords

Card Impressions:

The first card is known as the Querent card, also called the Significator. It represents the Querent (You) as you are in your current situation. Another way to look at it is that this card depicts you in the life lesson that you are currently learning (or struggling to learn).

Position 2 is the Crossing Card. This card tells of the challenge that you must overcome to fully learn this current lesson and move on to the next.

Position 3 gives us the bird’s eye view of the current situation. It can show the superficial analysis of what’s going on, or the external factors affecting it, or both.

Position 4 is the root of the matter. It lets us know what is really driving the current situation, or why it is we’re really learning this particular lesson at this particular time. It also gives insight into internal influences.

Position 5 is the recent past. It shows the life lesson you just finished learning. It was only through learning this lesson, and overcoming the associated challenges that you were able to move into the present one.

Position 6 is the ‘future’ card. It depicts the likely next Life Lesson in store should you effectively work through the current challenge (given in the Crossing Card). It is also assuming that all other things stay generally the same. ( For instance, if you started taking a pharmaceutical drug that changes your brain chemistry, or suddenly moved to a new town, it would likely change the probability of your trajectory.)

General Overview:

The Knight of Cups sits tall in the seat of the Significator position this Full Moon evening. He is carrying a chalice. This could be something to share with the one(s) he’s traveling to see, or it could be to slake his own thirst on his travels. That he carries this chalice is a sign of love and generosity, but also of emotional intimacy. It is quite possible that this nurturing, loving gift can be made useful both internally by drinking of it, and externally via passing the cup. Sagittarius is a sign of exploration and adventure. The Full Moon in Sagittarius indicates a favorable time to shed some of Sister Moon’s illumination to those wilder places and spaces that have been less traversed - both personally and communally. Knight of Cups shows us that this is a fecund environment in which to take this journey. We don’t need to rush anything. Simple, steady progress is all that’s called for here.

The Crossing Card is Six Cups. We are being called to solitude; to deep emotional reflection and inquiry. Something has been lost, and now is the time to figure out what we truly want to do about it. Psyche sits on the rock where she first met her love, Eros. She has betrayed him, and, therefore, has lost him. She sits alone clasping the goblet they shared, and the remains of her wedding bouquet. This is a time of self-inquiry; an opportunity to get really honest with our deepest thoughts and desires. We can choose to remain a victim of our choices, or we can decide what we want instead of this loneliness/sadness/frustration/hopelessness and take some action toward that. This is the gauntlet that is being laid under this Full Moon: Wallow in the past, or Embrace the future.

It seems fitting that the bird’s eye view of the situation would be represented by 2 Cups. We see Eros flying toward Psyche who has been imprisoned on a lonely rock in the midst of the sea. (Does this setting look familiar?) This is the aforementioned lamented first meeting of the lovebirds. It is a time of union during which everything seems so perfect and wonderful. Yet, Psyche is so concentrated on her own current predicament, and the misery she feels because of it, that she hasn’t even realized her salvation has arrived. This seems like a very potent warning to not let ourselves get so bogged down in the tunnel-vision of our feelings that we close ourselves off to the idea of a better situation arriving.

Seven Pentacles lies at the root of the matter. Opportunities of abundance are available. And they might add up quickly if we can manage them with discernment.

This past waxing moon cycle has seen some movement, some progress, as shown by 8 Wands. Most of it fortuitous, but it was not all without turbulence. Still, we have been guided by an inner understanding, intuition is filling our sails, and our inner/third eye is charting the course.

By the looks of the impending arrival of the Queen of Swords, we are about to enter a more pragmatic season for a while. This is assuming, of course, we are willing to take up the gauntlet laid in Position 2. Things may get a little bleak, and/or feel barren as we release the momentum of those emotional waves that have been carrying us forward. However, we will have mastery over our own emotions, being the ruling feminine, and we will soon sit in judgment of our own words and deeds, and of the world we have created for ourselves. This will not be the kind of judgment that entertains such ideas as guilt and shame and other such unproductive valuations, but, rather, it will be a clear-headed appraisal of how we’ve gotten where we are, and whether or not that’s where we want to be. We are, after all, powerful creators of our own reality. This is further confirmed by the presence of the Queen on her throne. She rules this place, and it is up to her to make it whatever tickles her fancy.

What an interesting place to be! Definitely expressive of the Sagittarius influence to explore less prominent arenas of our internal and external experience. I am excited to see what sprouts come to light under the beams of this Flower Moon. How about you?

** On a side note, there is also a grand trine between Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune alongside this Flower Moon. I'm still a novice astrologer, but I understand this to be a very favorable aspect among all water signs. (Notice the first three cards are Cups?) Also, that 7 Pentacles is a nod to Jupiter's place in this grand trine signaling abundance and expansion. **

I hope this reading proves helpful and insightful for you! If you have any questions at all, please feel welcome to message me. Good luck as you navigate this Lesson!

Enjoy the light, Bliss Bunnies!



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