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Full Moon in Capricorn

Deck: The Dreaming Way Tarot

Date: 27 June, 2018

Time: 10:00p

Moon Phase: Full Moon in Capricorn (one day into Mars Retrograde)

Spread: Experiments In Bliss’ Bespoke Spread

Cards Drawn:

1. 2 Swords

2. 3 Pentacles

3. 7 Wands

Card Impressions:

  1. What area(s) of life need to be looked at more closely under the light of this Capricorn Full Moon?

  2. What old wounds need healing at this time? (Chiron square Sun and Moon/Saturn)

  3. What areas of life could benefit from more structure right now? (Capricorn)

General Overview:

This month’s Full Moon falls in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn is very closely conjunct Saturn (Capricorn’s ruling planet), and Chiron is square to the Moon/Saturn and the Sun. Oh, and Mars went retrograde yesterday. This is all to say that this is a pretty interesting, but, IMHO, also uncomplicated state of affairs - if one can peel away the flotsam and see the kernel at the center. In a nutshell, this is a time of illumination on the areas of life that might not be living up to our desired potential. We will be given the chance to face old wounds, as well as old structures, to see how we might be able to salve them and/or rebuild them to better serve the highest vision.

In keeping with this idea of distillation, I’ve created a very simple spread for this Full Moon’s reading. It’s a kind of no-nonsense, tell-me-what-I-need-to-know kind of spread. I hope you find is as illuminating as La Luna, herself.

The first card lets us know what aspects of life might benefit from closer scrutiny. Two Swords tells us right away that these are internal aspects of ourselves. It’s likely that these are parts of us or patterns long ago created that have not been disturbed in an age. They may be well established and well-guarded. It is also likely that many of these aspects were brought into being as a way of providing us with some form of protection or strength at a time when it was needed. The cards, with the help of the light of Capricorn’s Full Moon (and the added energies of Chiron and Saturn) are telling us it’s time to take inventory and see if these deeper structures are still serving us on our paths to our greatest fulfillment and bliss, or if they can be dismantled to make way for something new and better.

Position 2 gets a little more specific about what old wounds might most need some healing attention right now. Three Pentacles is telling us to look at our relationships and attitudes around money and the amassing and spreading of material wealth. It’s no secret that many people have unhealthy relationships with the concepts of money and material prosperity. Invite this Moon’s light (with the healing hand of Chiron) to bring your focus on your own attitudes and feelings, taking steps to mend those that keep you from experiencing the full richness of the unlimited abundance that this Universe has available for each of us. Be brutally honest with yourself here. This can be difficult and deeply emotional work. Give yourself the space and light and love you need to navigate it.

Lastly, 7 Wands is here to show us where we might benefit from a little more structure in our lives. Do you ever feel like you are working so hard to make progress, but you aren’t really sure exactly where you’re going? Or how you want to get there, even if you do know? You might have a general idea of what your destination might look like, but you’re not really sure what the directions are? This card is telling you it’s time to stop and ask someone for help! Grab a map and make a plan. Make note of landmarks along the way so you can be assured that you’re still going where you’re trying to go. Maybe try setting some goals - writing them down and everything - with specific actionable tasks to help you meet them. Or, you might be in a position of knowing exactly where you’re going, and are heading there with laser-point focus. You might be so focused, in fact, that you aren’t allowing yourself to notice other possibilities along the way. If this is the case, perhaps it could be helpful for you to create structures that allow you to open yourself up to potential opportunities without slowing your progress toward your goal(s). Or, you could be the kind of person who just sort of floats through life, getting ahead by allowing other people’s momentum to move you in whatever direction seems to be flowing in the moment. While there’s nothing wrong with this way of moving through life, there is something to be gained from having a sense of groundedness so that we don’t end up living someone else’s truth. In any case, it’s a good idea to look at adding some structure to whatever your style of motivation and progression is. Just be sure these structures align with who you are and what you want. Ideally, they’ll make the journey more beautiful and enjoyable. They’ll provide more opportunities for inspiration, support, and success.

If you need help establishing structures that fit your personality type, your goals, and your lifestyle, consider signing up for a coaching session. I'm happy to create a bespoke plan just for you that will help you on your way to living your bliss! (Go HERE for more information.)

Okay, Bliss Bunnies, there you have it. Now, it’s up to you to decide what to do with it.

I hope this reading proves helpful and insightful for you! If you have any questions at all, please feel welcome to message me. Good luck as you navigate this Lesson!



PS: Apologies for not having photos for this reading. I'm moving tomorrow, so there's just too much chaos to get a decent photo. :)

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