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The Tarot Tells: Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

There is much afoot in the cosmos right now. The moon is full in Aquarius. There’s a total lunar eclipse - the longest of the century, I’m told. Mercury is retrograde. Mars is retrograde. And this is just the simple nutshell overview of things!

Some of the important things to glean from this particular moment in sky, is that we are being given an opportunity to turn our gaze inward, look at the dark corners, and see what’s really going on in there. This is particularly beneficial when inspecting those repetitive, habitual patterns that we might not even realize are our repetitive, habitual patterns.

We can learn a lot from spending a little time in the darkness. In the absence of light we are forced to draw on our intuition and instinct to navigate safely. When the light is removed, it's the inner eye that gets to shine (not sorry for the pun). Intuition and instinct rarely lie to us. They may occasionally try, but they just don’t have the flair for it that our conscious monkey minds do, so with a little prodding, they always come clean. Take this time to spike your own punch with a little veritaserum, and get yourself some honest answers.

With this goal in mind, I’ve created a simple tarot spread for this powerful full moon eclipse in Aquarius. Read on to see what the cards reveal about how to best harness the power of this moon’s magick:

Deck: The Dreaming Way

Date: 7.27.2018

Time: 10:20p

Moon Phase: Full Moon in Aquarius; Total Lunar Eclipse

Spread: (Bespoke)

Cards Drawn:

1. 5 Pentacles

2. The Empress

3. 9 Swords

4. Temperance

Card Impressions:

  1. What aspect of Self/Life could benefit from some observation/interaction/exploration?

  2. Why is this aspect in the dark?

  3. What lesson does it have to teach me during this lunar full moon eclipse?

  4. What action(s) can I take to bring some light to the situation?

General Overview:

The 5 of Pentacles urges us to look to the past to see how we got where we are today. This is a time for exploring your habits, relationships, and feelings around financial success. This card shows a person with a fairly stacked savings who is out on the stoop, barefoot and bedraggled, looking for handouts from passersby. This person is not enjoying the fruits of her/his labors. There is no comfort being taken in the fact that money has been earned, and is readily available for use. Why not? What is it about your relationship to financial abundance that is keeping you from feeling totally secure?

Abundance is also the theme of the second position. The parts of your relationship to financial success that are in the shadows are there out of a sense of habit. The Empress suggests an early-formed relationship with abundance (or the lack thereof) that keeps you from seeing that there is always more than enough, and that you are the one with the power to both give and receive whatever you desire. Until you open your eyes to your deep-seated limiting beliefs, you will always be in the dark, living in a place of lack and scarcity. She suggests looking to the things your learned about abundance, prosperity, and success in your past that have become subconscious [limiting] beliefs. Only when you become aware of them, can you begin to transform them.

The lesson here, as so graphically put forth by the 9 of Swords, is to stop over-thinking things, already. Start meditating. Take up journaling. Read affirming books. Instead of fretting over what to do, just do somethinganything. Wondering when to do it? Do it NOW! Don’t give yourself time to focus on the what-ifs, or all the possible negative ramifications. Just take action and trust that it’s all gonna work out. Because it always does work out. Even if it’s not in the way you expected. Constantly hashing it out in your mind doesn’t do anything but give you a raging headache and, possibly, insomnia.

Okay, so this might sound a little bit counter to what you just read ... but, Temperance is advising a slow approach to action. She’s not advocating inaction. She’s just proposing taking it easy and going one step at a time. Temperance is all about going with the flow, and keeping things irie, mon. She is also here to remind us that we create the flow. We are the flow. If we can stay rooted in our emotional truth, we will be flowing as smoothly as eminem in 8 MIle.

If you’ll notice, all the cards are looking to the past except Temperance. She is looking straight ahead, rooted in the present moment. Always in the flow, that Lady!

So, the gist is this: Take some time to get real with yourself. Examine your shrouded ideas around financial success and abundance. Look especially closely at the messages you received from others in the past. Did you maybe take those on as your own without question? Once you’ve identified some of your shadows, and discovered your own truth around them, you can stop yourself from over-thinking and second-guessing by taking some immediate and decisive action, not matter how small. Staying rooted in your emotional truth is the way to stay in the flow, and, therefore, to bring more light to the darkness.

Okay, Bliss Bunnies … there it is. Simple! You’ve got this! I know you do! And I do, too! Let’s harness the magick of this powerful full moon eclipse and create the most blissful lives imaginable! That’s what it’s all about anyway, right?

I hope this reading proves helpful and insightful for you! If you have any questions at all, please feel welcome to message me. Good luck as you navigate this Moon Cycle!

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