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The Magick of the In-Betweens

There is magic in the in-betweens. There is alchemy in taking the middle road. So many of us seem to twirl around like great human pendulums, swinging from one extreme to the next. Masculine! Feminine! Physical! Spiritual! Yes! No! Happy! Sad! Good! Bad!

The thing is, though, that the extremes are rarely fulfilling because of the very fact that they are extremes. They are polar opposites of a greater whole. To pursue one without the other leaves us perpetually wanting, because, isolated, these extreme states are incomplete.

It is only because of the dark that we can truly experience and recognize the light. Most of us have heard this before. But how many of us really ‘get it’ and how many of us just take it in like so much white noise and keep chasing the extremes with the hopes of somehow - *this time* - getting a different outcome?

I find that when working with spectrums, the middle ground, or, as I like to call them - the in-betweens, is where the real magick and expansion and deep, alchemical cookery can really happen.

There’s a place for both Masculine and Feminine energies in this life. Both are necessary. Likewise with Physical and Spiritual health. To seek one without the other diminishes both, and, thus, diminishes the potential for bliss. Pursuing them in equal measure elevates the life experience in wondrous ways. It’s healthiest to practice saying yes to things AND saying no things. What is more important is developing the discernment and wisdom to know which to apply where.

And when it comes to feelings and value judgments, well, it’s my opinion that in our everyday experience there are no absolutes. I believe we are programmed to feel the full spectrum of feelings at any given time and that we never only experience absolute happiness or absolute sadness. To me, this is because we are simultaneously microcosmic individuals AND smaller parts of the macrocosmic whole. So, even if the individual is feeling happy, there is sadness in the world, therefore, the individual contains a trace of that sadness amid her/his own happiness. I believe the same to be true for value judgments like ‘good’ and ‘bad’. (And this is getting a little philosophically deep here, so let’s dial it back in for this post …)

The reason I bring this up right now is that I’ve been noticing a lot of coaches these days work in the extremes. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this. In fact, it can be a wonderful gift to offer specialized services and expertise to clients. However, there are so many people out in the world who aren’t quite ready for that level of specialization. They are just waking up to the notion that a change is needed. They aren’t going to be best served by focusing all their energy on one extreme aspect of their lives. They are ready for a full life inventory and overhaul.

This is the time to take the middle road. This is the time to work the magick of the in-betweens. And this is what I help my clients do. Together, we uncover where the incongruencies are, and we create systems for finding balance in the major areas of life. We map out the spectrums, discover where the client is struggling in the extremes, and get her/him on a path back to balance and stability and ease.

So, if you’re feeling tired of being bounced around from extreme to extreme, and are ready to explore the magick of the in-betweens, reach out to me! We can set up a FREE Unblock Your Bliss session to see how you can find your balance and regain control of your life again. Life gets to be FUN and EASY when you are actively participating in it. I can help you [re]discover how.

Message me, or head over HERE to apply for your free session. I can’t wait to share this magick with you! xoxo

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