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Bliss Is Your Birthright

Life is not meant to be total drudgery.  Life can be, and is, joyful ... if you allow it to be!  Bliss is your birthright.  Living a blissful life actually comes naturally for us.  Unfortunately, through lifetimes of programming - some of it well-intentioned, some of it not - many of us have developed behavioral and thought patterns that block bliss at every turn.  But it's there, just waiting for us to invite it in.  I've spent a lifetime experimenting with how to do that.  That's how Experiments In Bliss was birthed into being.  It has been through decades of trial and error that I have learned how to overcome debilitating thoughts and beliefs and replace them with blissful, luxurious moments.  

Let me be perfectly clear here:  This is 'tortoise race', long-game kind of work.  There is no endpoint.  It requires consistency and diligence and courage.  The good news is that it gets easier with practice.  In fact, once you get through the initial deconditioning and reprogramming, it can become fun.  

It's also important to note that living a blissful life does not mean a life in which everything is perfect all the time.  What is does mean is that we are better equipped to understand and effectively navigate challenges and difficulties when they arise.  Blissful living means consciously choosing how you experience any situation that presents so that every moment is one of full-sensory awareness, presence and growth.

I consider it such a privilege to share what I've learned with my beautiful clients.  Nothing lights  me up more than watching someone I'm working with begin to break down barriers and start living a life of presence, sovereignty and magick.  I feel so absolutely blessed to be able to fulfill my purpose by helping others fulfill their own. 

We are all here in this life with a specific mission.  We have so many tools at our disposal for piecing together a blueprint to achieve that mission.  There is no one perfect cocktail of tools that will work for everyone - we're all unique beings - but there are some tools I've found that tend to be highly effective for most people. Tools that help us navigate things like understanding why we are the way we are, figuring out how to leverage our gifts and minimize damage from self-sabotaging habits, and learning to work with our own powers of intuition to make decisions that will get us where we want to go with greater ease and speed.  I use tools such as astrology, human design, my own natural intuitive/channeling gifts, Shadowcraft, psychology practices, and a deep well of practical lifestyle, wellness and spirituality experience to help you pinpoint what you want, what you're missing, and what you are realistically able to do to transform and expand your life experience.

No life is sparkly and sunshiny all the time.  For a fruitful harvest, we have to experience some rain, and, occasionally some pruning.  But it's learning how to receive the gifts of the rainy seasons, and to recognize when and where to prune to encourage more prolific growth.  It's a beautiful and ancient wisdom, and I look forward to sharing it with you.


Thank you, truly, for trusting me with your process.  I promise, if you commit to this dance with your own inner Mysteries; if you are brave enough to see and be seen completely as you truly are; and if you stay diligently consistent in the process, you will soon look up to discover you're living a life of bliss.  

If you're feeling the call deep in your bones to embark on this journey, then now's the time to answer it.  Click the link below to arrange a free introductory chat with me.  We can explore where you are needing help and how I can facilitate your process.  I look forward to connecting with you.  

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I'm so excited to meet you, and see if we are a good fit for working together.  This is a such a transformative process.  I am so honored to hold space for you as you embark on your own journey of personal alchemy. Until then ... remember:  Bliss is your birthright!




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