Bliss Is Your Birthright!

Do you ever feel like there's more to life than struggle?  Are you over working your fingers to the bone just to make enough money/connection/enjoyment to get by?  Do you dream about bounding out of bed in the mornings refreshed, recharged, and ready to start your day with a childlike glee?  Is your health mediocre, at best, or debilitating, at worst?   Have you forgotten what it's like to even have a dream to be working toward?  If you answered Yes to any of these questions, I CAN HELP YOU!  

Life is not meant to be total drudgery.  Life can and is joyful ... if you allow it to be!  Bliss is your birthright!  Living a blissful life actually comes naturally for us.  Unfortunately, through lifetimes of programming - some of it well-intentioned, some of it not - many of us have developed limiting thought and behavioral patterns that block bliss at every turn.  But it's there, just waiting for us to invite it in.  I've spent a lifetime experimenting with how to do that.  In fact, that's how Experiments In Bliss was birthed into being.  It was through decades of trial and error that I learned how to overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs and replace them with blissful, luxurious moments.  

I get pee-in-my-pants excited sharing what I've learned with my beautiful clients.  Nothing lifts me up more than watching someone I'm working with begin to break down her/his barriers and start living a balls-out blissful life.  I feel so absolutely blessed to be able to fulfill my purpose by helping others fulfill their own. 

It is my belief that we are all here in this life with a specific mission created by our Soul.  I also believe that we have so many tools that we can use to piece together a brilliant blueprint that will help us determine and achieve that directive while we're here.  There is no one perfect cocktail of tools that will work for everyone - we're all unique beings - but there are some tools that I have found that give more accurate information than others when navigating things like understanding our purpose, figuring out how to leverage our gifts and minimize the damage from our shadows, and how we can work with our own powers of intuition to make decisions that will get us where we want to go with greater ease and speed.  I use tools such as astrology, human design, my own intrinsic intuitive/channeling gifts, Shadow work, psychology practices, and a deep well of wellness, lifestyle, and spirituality experience to help you pinpoint what you want, what you're missing, and what you are realistically able to do to transform and expand your life experience.

No life is sparkly and sunshiny all the time.  For a fruitful harvest, we have to experience some rain.  But it's learning how to navigate the rainy seasons and to put them to use as agents of our Soul's mission that allows us to live blissfully in any weather.  It's a beautiful unfolding, and I look forward to sharing it with you.


Thank you, truly, for trusting me with your process.  I promise, if you commit to practicing the program we create for you, you will find yourself living your best life every moment of every day.  You will wonder why it all seemed so hard for so long.  You're going to love it when you see the results!

You are already so close to claiming your blissful life!  Just getting here is proof of that.  You are ready to invest in YOURSELF, in YOUR LIFE!  There's only one more tiny step to take...

I'm so excited to meet you, and see if we are a good fit for working together!  We are going to have SO MUCH FUN!! Until then ... remember:  Bliss is your birthright!




One-on-one coaching helps you identify what your dreams, desires, and priorities are, and to develop strategies for manifesting YOUR vision of a blissful life.  Some of the issues that might be addressed during a coaching session are:

  • rediscovering how to invite fun and luxury into your daily life

  • pinpointing and reframing the deep-seated limiting patterns that are keeping you from total bliss

  • learning about your natural strengths, weaknesses, and inclinations by understanding your astrological natal chart and basic human design

  • establishing real-life structures and routines for healthy, blissful living

  • getting clarity around what it is that really ignites your passion

  • learning to work with and trust your own intuition to make decisions that serve and expand you 

  • learning how to improve your overall quality of life in ways that feel realistic for you

  • creating meaningful and blissful rituals for self-care

  • setting up an effective stress management plan

  • learning meditation techniques that are both effective and enjoyable

  • establishing and reaching fitness goals

  • making dietary changes based on your specific nutritional goals and desires

  • restructuring your financial landscape with practical strategies and abundance mindset work

  • learning to recognize when you are giving your power away to others, and how to effectively reclaim it

  • creating a life that accurately reflects YOUR values, desires, and beliefs

  • and more …

Coaching sessions are as individual as the clients who request them.  My style of coaching is both practical and intuitive.  I tailor each coaching relationship to the needs and desires of each individual client.  I employ a combination of gentle feminine support and assertive masculine "tough love" guidance.  I offer honest reflection to my clients, which can sometimes be a difficult and sobering mirror.  But, I also share clear strategies for moving you toward where you want to go.  And I will ALWAYS hold safe and loving space for you as you process and progress on your journey.  

My coaching contains elements of both practical advice (I have a ton of Virgo energy in my star chart), and more esoteric wisdom (hey ... I just said 'star charts').  You always have a choice as to how much of each shows up in your sessions.  Not a fan of the woo woo?  No problem!  We'll keep it nice and pragmatic for you!  Hard-boiled dogmatic strategies leave your spirit feeling stifled?  Easy peasy!  We'll brew you up some metaphysical magick that will get the wind beneath your wings.  This is YOUR life, and YOUR coaching experience.  We'll make it what YOU need and desire.


I offer 3-, 6-, and 12-month containers so you can choose the level of support that best suits your individual needs.  Each container consists of 3 weekly one-hour calls per month, leaving one week open for integration.  You'll also receive the following with each 1:1 coaching package you purchase:

  • unlimited email + voxer access to me during the course of your chosen container

  • complimentary tickets to any live events I'm hosting during the course of your chosen container (excluding transformational retreats)

  • proprietary workbooks containing exercises, methodologies, practices, and other valuable resources

  • pay-in-full incentives + VIP options available

  • my unwavering support and faith in your ability to make your bliss reality


My time and expertise is valuable.  I am very selective about the clients with whom I work.  I say this to be fully transparent about the fact that I am only interested in working 1:1 with clients who are 110% committed to living their most beautifully blissful lives.  If you are ready and willing to step up, show up, open up, and rise up, then this program is for YOU.  If you are ready to do this thing - if you are so excited about this transformative process that you are ready to make a comparable investment in yourself - then YOU are the kind of client with whom I'm excited to work.  And YOU are the kind of client who will benefit most from working with me.  Click the button below to start a conversation with me about how to claim your blissful birthright.  I'm so excited to meet you!


Bliss is your birthright.  Let's work together to help you reclaim it.  One-on-one coaching is the ultimate way to invest in yourself and to create your most blissful life!

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Melanie Hayes
NCLMBT #4875, E14883, CYT