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Last night's tarot reading was intense.j

Tarot Readings

I use the term Evolutionary Tarot to describe the style of Tarot I practice.  This is akin to the branch of Evolutionary Astrology, in that these readings are tools to help the querent (person receiving the reading) navigate the path of their Soul’s evolution through this lifetime.  There is a supposition in this style of reading that the Soul is on a journey from lifetime to lifetime.  On this journey, lessons are learned in order to progress to higher states of growth and fulfillment.  Though, really, it’s much more of a spiral dance, as once the Soul ascends to these higher levels, it then cycles back around to Ground Zero to begin again.  (This is mimicked in the Fool’s Journey as represented by the Major Arcana.)  The Soul is always in the process of learning a particular lesson in order to complete a particular mission.  The Tarot can help us decipher what that lesson is, what is the biggest obstacle keeping us from ‘getting it’, and how we can best bridge the gap between where we are and where we’re trying to go.  (It’s kind of like a Divine coaching session, if you will.)


My Tarot readings are fairly simple. What I mean by that is that the spreads I read from generally do not use more than two to twenty cards.  In my experience, this makes the information more accessible and less bogged down with nebulous particulars.  It also means that there is more responsibility on the part of the querent to participate in the process.  If the querent has to help interpret some of the subtext, she or he is given more opportunity to get to know the Self and the Soul more intimately.  This puts the power where it can do the most good—into the hands of the querent.   The querent is, after all, the only one who can really make any changes to their own life.  

It is important to note that every reading is unique, just as every moment is unique, and every individual is unique.  No two readings will ever be exactly the same.  So, if you find yourself needing more clarity on an issue as you progress through it, it's perfectly appropriate to have another reading done for the same question.  You will likely be given new information as pertains to where you now find yourself in the situation.


Click the button below to purchase an individual Tarot Reading, or click the third eye icon above to learn more about the tarot subscription services.  Once you've placed your order, you will be directed to fill out an intake form with your name, contact information, and other information pertinent to the reading.  (Click the link on the ORDER page in the SHOP.)   Please keep in mind that the more information you share with me, the better I will be able to tailor the reading to your specific needs.   But, it is always absolutely fine if you prefer to keep things vague, allowing you to then interpret my interpretations for your Self. 


Once I receive your intake form, I will perform your reading in a sacred space.  We can do this together over Zoom (approx. 30 minute call), or I can do it in my own sacred space while connecting with your energy. It's your preference. I will then email you a beautiful workbook including the following:


  • a full breakdown of the reading with individual card interpretations + summary of the big-picture story being told

  • journal prompts + affirmations to help you process + integrate the reading more fully

  • information on yoga asanas and crystals + gemstones you can use to harness some of the energies of your current situation to your benefit

  • rituals to help you assimilate more completely into your current situation

  • other activities to help you more successfully navigate your Soul's current lesson

I look forward to sharing the beautiful gifts of the Tarot with you.  The cards have helped me through many situations along my life path.  I truly believe they can help you, too.


Cost per reading:  $150


If you have any questions about tarot cards or readings, please feel free to contact me directly.  I'm happy to help answer your questions as best I can.  

It’s my great desire to make tarot readings available to everyone who wants one.  If you are interested in a reading, but are unable to afford the cost, please message me with a brief description of what your current circumstances are, and we’ll try to find a way to make this work for the both of us.  Everyone deserves a happy, healthy life!

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