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Tarot Tuesday: The Fool’s Journey - The High Priestess

Welcome back to The Fool’s Journey, Blissmakers! Today The Fool meets The High Priestess. After last week’s introduction to The Magician, The Fool got His first taste of masculine energy. This week brings some balance as He has His first interaction with the feminine.

The High Priestess is the gatekeeper between the worlds of Light and Shadow. She is the guide that delivers Her acolytes from the darkness of their worldly pasts toward the enlightened futures they seek. She is the keeper of the Mysteries and of Moon Magick and of all things that lie hidden in shadow and secrecy.

Where The Magician taught The Fool how to wield the tools of the material world, The High Priestess is here to teach Him about the Spiritual tools of intuition and Soul connection and deep primal instinct. These tools can be of equal importance and value on his Journey.

The High Priestess always has one foot in the material world and one foot in the world of spirit. As such, she is a conduit for inspiration and creative thoughts and impulses. And when Her gifts are paired with the gifts of The Magician, The Fool can really begin to make some things happen, for He now has the intuitive and inspired understanding of where to implement those worldly tools for His benefit.

In short, when The Fool meets The High Priestess, He is granted initiation into a higher understanding of the road He is walking. He might not fully understand what He’s meant to do on this Journey yet, but He receives a glimpse of the potential that lies in the undertaking. He must now trust that His path will unfold for Him in the perfect time and under the perfect circumstances as He now understands that there are unseen forces supporting Him as He travels onward.

What will our hapless hero get into next week? Tune in next Tuesday to find out! #tarottuesday


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