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Tarot Tuesday: The Fool's Journey - The Emperor

Happy Tarot Tuesday!

It’s been a minute, but we’re back to continue our trip along The Fool’s Journey. Today’s stop: The Emperor.

When we last left our hero, he was aglow and in the flow from his encounter with The Empress, the great earth mother. Today, The Fool meets The Emperor, the sky father.

The Emperor is the polar balance of The Empress. In The Emperor, The Fool is meeting a father figure, a masculine role model. The Emperor teaches The Fool about masculine energy and how to utilize it in his daily life.

In life it is very helpful to know how to strategize. The Emperor is very skilled at strategy. He is clever, with a calculating mind, and an ambitious heart. He sees life as somewhat of a campaign to be waged and won, and he approaches every challenge head-on.

Through The Emperor’s example, The Fool begins to understand the importance of confidence, of authority, and of planning. He learns that mastery over a thing comes from diligent study, consistent practice, and unwavering drive. The Emperor teaches The Fool the value of perseverance and follow-through.

The Empress showed The Fool how to go with the flow of life, and now The Emperor teaches Him how to manipulate circumstances to work in his favor. He is a master manifestor, who understands that thoughts lead to reality. He is the master of his thoughts, ergo, the master of His experience.

The Emperor is sovereign over His life experience, and this is, perhaps, the most valuable lesson He has to share with The Fool.

Having come into a new and more fully recognized understanding of His own power, The Fool can now move forward on His path with more confidence, more focus, and more ambition for pursuing His pleasure.

Next week … The Hierophant. Until then … have a beautiful week!

Some journal prompts for those of you who would like to work more with the energy of The Emperor:

  • My relationship with authority is …

  • When it comes to the topic of power, I feel …

  • When I think about my ability to manifest whatever experience(s) I want, I …


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