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New Moon in Gemini: some thoughts + a ritual

Duran Duran once sang about a new moon on Monday, and, well, here it is. A new moon in gemini. And this moon hold a great deal of potential for setting in motion a play that will carry us through the coming eclipse cycle and beyond.

New moons are about beginnings and awakenings. Gemini is the airy planet of mental faculties, communication, technology, and travel/movement. This is natural time for creating and implementing plans!

The cool thing about the energy of this new moon is that there’s a lot of power in adaptability. Through tapping into the intuitive energies of the moon, and marrying them with the intellectual energies of Gemini, we can create a powerful foundational knowing that allows us to have that adaptability in the midst of any situation that arises.

Gemini gives us license and encouragement to plan and prepare for what’s to come. Study, research, make graphs and charts, analyze possible outcomes, make pros and cons lists … geek out with your data in whatever way makes you happiest.

Just save some time and energy for dipping down into the space of intuition and inner knowing that comes from quieting the thinking and connecting with feeling.

This is a magickal combination if you can harness these energies enough to implement them cohesively. It allows you to lay a solid groundwork for any project or experience with meticulous preparation and clear planning, but with enough freedom to make adaptations on the fly as the need arises, or as the gut dictates. This is what many successful manifestors do that others don’t.

In honor of this truly special new moon magick, I’m sharing a very simple, but powerful ritual you can enact to start the process of marrying these two poles of knowing in your own life. Here you go!


​​In your journal, or an a piece of paper, or a fresh digital file, write a goal that is currently lighting you up. Write this out in large letters at the top of the page.

Next make a mini-heading titled, GEMINI/Plans. Under this mini-heading, make a list of actionable tasks that you can perform to move you toward your goal.

When you’ve exhausted your intellectual options, make a new mini-heading titled, MOON/Feelings. Under this mini-heading, make a list of all the feelings you are having around your goal. These can be physical feelings, emotions, fears, insights, whatever!

Spend some time poring over the two during the next two weeks (as the moon is waxing) looking/feeling for connections and new ideas. Edit your lists as often as you feel called to do so. This is the art of practicing adaptability. By giving attention to your feelings and intuitions as well as to rational planning strategies, you will be better prepared to achieve your goals in a way that feels natural and easy for you. Bon chance! xo

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