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Tarot Tuesday: The Fool's Journey - The Lovers

Welcome back, blissmakers! It’s #tarottuesday once again, so let’s reconnect with our hapless hero, The Fool, as he continues to learn and grow along this road of life.

Last week The Fool spent some time with The Hierophant. Under His tutelage, The Fool received a formal education. He learned how to be a productive and accepted member of Society. The Hierophant taught him what to do and say and how to be in the world to fit in successfully.

As He walked away from His graduation with The Hierophant, The Fool was elated. He felt like He had it all. He had been told everything He needed to do to be a success in this life. It was easy! Just follow the formula, and happiness and success were guaranteed!

Marching forth into this bright future, our hero is next met by not just one, but TWO new friends: The Lovers. This couple is very alluring to The Fool. They are often intertwined with one another, touching one another, gazing at one another, and this seems to bring them great pleasure.

The Fool had never considered finding pleasure with anyone outside Himself. This new idea piques His interest.

It also seems to be somewhat contrary to what He learned from The Hierophant. The Hierophant taught Him that He needed only to rely on His own hard work and personal resources to find joy and success. But here are two people finding joy and success by sharing their experiences and resources. What a novel idea?!

The Lovers invite The Fool to cop a squat and share some energy and ideas. They take His hand, stroke His hair, and let Him rest His head in their laps.

They share the wisdom of the power that comes from balanced partnership. They teach The Fool of the increased wealth that comes from pooled resources.

And, perhaps most importantly, they reveal to our hero that there are other choices outside the conventions of the formal Social Structure.

Through His time with The Lovers, The Fool is exposed to an entirely new and exciting way of being in the world. He learns that He can make choices for Himself based on what feels good to Him. He learns the bliss of connecting physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with others. He learns the importance of balance when multiple energies are introduced to the mix.

The Hierophant introduced Him to Convention, and The Lovers introduce Him to the freedom of choice, the power of being guided by what feels good, and the strength of interconnectedness.

Reeling from this new information, he kisses The Lovers farewell, and floats on down the road in a hedonistic cloud of good vibes and sensual energy. Only time will tell what will happen next! Better check in next week to see how The Fool recovers from all this magick …

See you then! xo

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