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Tarot Tuesday: The Fool's Journey - The Chariot

Welcome back to The Fool’s Journey! This is a magickal archetypal journey through Life as told through the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Fool - the first trump (major arcana) card - is the hero of this story. We are following Him through His life experiences as He meets new characters that inform

His development.

Last week The Fool got to know The Lovers, the sixth card in the Major Arcana. From this enigmatic couple He learned that life is more than just the first person experience. He learned about partnership, and the pooling of resources. He learned, too, about the idea of making choices based on both personal desire and on communal consensus.

This week our hero comes upon The Chariot.

The Chariot is … well … a mode of transportation rather than a personality. It is a cart that is pulled by two horses. In many tarot decks the horses are depicted as one being white and one being black. This is to indicate that they are two polar opposites.

For The Fool to be able to make any progress with this mode of transport He must first become aware of the fact that his “engines” are two opposing forces. Then he must take the time to understand what each force actually is, so that he can then bridge the gap between them. Once He does this, He can then manipulate these two forces [via their commonalities] to get them moving in one unified direction.

This is a common theme in life that we all face at some time or another: How do we move forward with so many opposing forces pulling us in so many different directions? It’s through His interaction with The Chariot that The Fool discovers the secret to successfully navigating these seemingly misaligned situations.

It’s a relatively simple process, really. Step One is to recognize that there’s a misalignment. Step Two is to become aware of all the data at play. And Step Three is to find the common points in the Venn Diagram of all that data, and use it to create a unified movement.

If He can complete this process, The Fool will be able to progress along His road much more smoothly, quickly, and easily.

If not, He will be expending unsustainable amounts of energy to try to move anywhere at all. And He won’t be guaranteed to go in the direction of His greatest benefit and/or desires.

Implementing patience and creative thought, our hero manages the task at hand, and finds Himself happily motoring along His path with greater ease and enjoyment. Ah ... what a blissful feeling!

To find out where The Chariot takes Him, tune in next week to the next installment in #tarottuesday’s The Fool’s Journey! See you then! xo


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