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Animal Medicine: Turkey Vulture

I gotta say … it’s been such an informative Spring/Summer for me so far! Especially concerning the messages I’ve been getting from the Animal Kingdom. I mean, I often get animal medicine, but these past few months it’s been very specific and sequential, which is unusual for me.

Most recently I’ve been getting a lot of Turkey Vulture visits. Like, A LOT. Like, so many I was starting to question if I had died and didn’t realize it.

But, thankfully, that wasn’t the case. I’m still standing tall and breathing and fully embodied in this suit of flesh, bone, and blood.

Once over that momentary fear, I was able to open up to the beautiful and potent medicine that Turkey Vulture has to offer. And since you’re kind enough to take the time to read this, I’ll share that medicine with you! Turkey Vulture has a lot of wisdom to impart, though, so you might want to pull up a chair and get comfy as we dive in.

Turkey Vultures, being carrion birds, feed solely on, well, carrion. Despite being carnivores, they don’t kill their food. Rather, they cruise around high in the sky seeking out the remains of any unfortunate souls who have recently passed the veil. This is all to say that one of Turkey Vulture’s primary lessons is that something is either about to die away, or needs to. He is telling me that this is a time to pick through the remains of whatever it is that is passing out of my life for any last bits of nourishment. Then it’s time to digest what it’s fed me, and eliminate the waste.

(This is so on point for me right now, BTW. I’ve been doing a TON of Shadow work to release and reprogram old imprinting.)

It is also a beautiful gift to be able to find nourishment and life in the presence of death. Turkey Vulture, along with all carrion birds, teach this.

Another very powerful aspect of Turkey Vulture magick is trusting in the Universe to always provide what is needed and desired. (This is medicine that I am continually working to hold for myself.) Turkey Vultures know that food will always be provided when it is needed. They also know that it may require patience and persistence to find it. The Universe provides, but sometimes you have to meet It halfway.

Turkey Vulture’s incredible ability to adapt to many situations comes in handy in attaining His goals, too. This is another valuable message brought to me by Turkey Vulture. He urges me to remember that in order to reach my own goals, meet my own needs, and manifest my own desires I must be willing to elevate myself ever higher, keep focused on the bigger picture, and trust that if I am consistently operating from my most pure and authentic Self/Soul/Design I will be divinely protected and provided for. This is much like Turkey Vulture, Himself, who flies ever higher and wider taking in the landscape with a sharp eye, and widening His purview as needed to find what He’s seeking. Turkey Vultures also have a built-in protection from toxic bacteria that would prove fatal to most other creatures. This protection serves them when they are fully embodying their design of preying on scavenged leftovers.

And that, of course, brings me to the notion of scavenging. There is a lot of merit in being original and creating success on one’s own from the ground up. But success is rarely, if ever, truly attained without help.

Turkey Vulture reminds me of the wisdom in mining what has been left behind by those that have gone before me. He also reminds me of the beauty of collaboration; that sharing our fortunes with our community only creates greater fortunes for everyone.

This is an offshoot of the lesson that Turkey Vulture teaches about getting creative and resourceful when seeking what is desired. If I’m not finding what I want in the usual places, sometimes all I need to do is actively seek new and more fruitful horizons, to learn to be ever watchful of signs and omens, and to expect that my desires will be provided without focusing on the how.

Finally, and perhaps most simply, Turkey Vulture told me to allow my spirit to soar above the muck of the mundane, to feel the freedom in the larger perspective, and to constantly be elevating myself to the greatest heights of my potential. This is grace in action, just as Turkey Vulture soars with grace and ease above the landscape.

Thank you, Turkey Vulture, for the awesome and timely medicine! Thank you, Universe, for always sending me just what I need right when I need it.

Wishing you all lots of juicy and relevant animal medicine your own lives! xoxo

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