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#tarottuesday:  The Fool’s Journey - The Wheel of Fortune

This week we rejoin The Fool on His journey through the Major Arcana. When last we left Him, He was taking inspiration from The Hermit, and retreating from the hustle and bustle of the mundane world to explore the larger philosophical questions of life. This week he is finally feeling ready to re-emerge into the light of daily life, having brought illumination to the dark places of the world and the darker places of His psyche. Having done His Shadow work, He is now ready to venture back into the light.

Having taken the time to study the world, and seeing its patterns and rhythms, The Fool is now able to see Himself within the grander scheme of a Universal plan or system. He irecognizes Himself as one part of a greater whole. As such, He reaches a turning point in His own evolution. As He is beginning to really lean into this turn of events, He comes upon a carnival. Delighted by the sights, sounds, and smells that greet Him, He buys a ticket and enters the faire.

The Fool wanders around for a while taking in all the wonder of the event. One stall, in particular, catches His eye: The Wheel of Fortune! This stall contains a wheel with many demarcations that spins on a central axis. It is operated by three elder women cloaked in robes. Their hands are withered, but nimble. Intrigued by this novelty, The Fool steps up to the counter, and gives the Wheel a spin.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee … round and round the Wheel goes. Where it stops is anyone’s guess. Luckily for our hero, it lands on a winning slot. He gathers His prize from the elder ladies, and considers His good fortune.

From this exchange with The Wheel of Fortune, The Fool recognizes that while we can control many things in our lives - our choices, our preferences, our friends - there will always be circumstances outside our control that can pop up at any given moment, with or without notice. Sometimes these will be unexpected gifts, and other times they may be difficult obstacles for us to overcome. We cannot control these events, but we can control how we choose to respond to them. Surrendering to the The Fates, trusting in the wisdom of the Natural Progression of things, most often leads to gifts of increased fortune. Trying to intervene and force things usually leads to loss and decreases in fortune. The Fool is learning that empowered action is necessary, but it is best balanced with a respect for the natural flow of life, and that sometimes surrender is the best course of action.

Having just reconnected with a sense of purpose and destiny from His time in solitude, The Fool is ready now to reclaim His place in the revolving wheel of life. He is ready for movement, progress, and action once again.

The Wheel of Fortune (as regulated by The Fates) indicates the ever-evolving cycles of experience and expansion that we all must navigate in order to continue our climb to enlightenment. Having accepted the terms of the game, and the gifts of His gamble, He sets out with a lighter step and fuller pockets, ready to greet whoever or whatever He meets next.

Tune in next week when The Fool stumbles upon … well, you’ll just have to wait and see! xoxo


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