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TarotTuesday:  The Fool’s Journey - Death

Hello, beautiful blissmakers! It’s so nice to reconnect here as we reconvene with The Fool on His journey through the Major Arcana of the Tarot. I missed you all last week, but, alas, I was traveling my own road and elected to postpone posting content in order to fully enjoy the experience. (Sometimes it’s nice to unplug, you know?)

When last we left The Fool, He had just had the fortune of a wonderful encounter with The Hanged Man. He learned all about the power of surrendering to what is and shifting perspective to re-engage with the flow of life.

As He walked on down His path, The Fool had time to let all this newfound wisdom marinate and percolate and settle into His subconscious, taking root and becoming part of His internal blueprint.

Feeling fatigued from all this thinking, feeling, and processing, The Fool spies a cave just off the path ahead. Thinking what a cozy resting place it will make, He makes a beeline for it.

Once inside, He finds a spot that feels safe and comfortable. He uses His pack as a pillow for His head, and instantly falls into a deep slumber.

A dark shadowy figure soon approaches The Fool. She is dressed in black, and is carrying a scythe. The Fool feels a sense of familiarity, as if He maybe should know who this is, but cannot quite place Her.

She communicates in silence, but The Fool understands Her perfectly. She tells Him it is time to do some internal pruning. It’s time to take stock of what He’s allowed to grow in the garden of His Soul, and to cut away the weeds that threaten to choke out the fruit. She’s being metaphorical, of course. And The Fool understands this. Still, He follows this dark Lady deeper into the dark coolness of the cave.

They come to a garden that is overrun with plants of all cultivar and variety. She hands the scythe to The Fool. He begins the arduous process of identifying each piece of flora in this garden. He deftly uses the scythe to cut away those plants that are too invasive or poisonous or that don’t fit into His vision for the well-ordered and verdant landscape He desires. The work is challenging, but, in the end, He is rewarded with a stunning healthy garden that not only brings Him joy through His senses, but also provides nourishment and sustenance for Him.

This is the way to ascend in life, the Lady shares. For life is like a garden … it needs regular tending and pruning to create the most enjoyable experience. Do this and you will find transformation, rebirth, and evolution will happen naturally for you. Any obstacles you meet will simply provide you an opportunity to clarify your needs and desires, burn off what isn’t serving those, and rise again from those ashes a more wholly complete and happy version of yourself.

She then retrieves Her scythe, and silently slips away into the darkness.

A moment later, The Fool suddenly wakes in a start. He is still lying where he first laid His head, yet He feels lighter and clearer. He knows that He was just visited by Death. He remembers the wisdom She shared with Him. He rises from His rest feeling the simultaneous lightness and gravity of His transformed state. He exits the cave as if being rebirthed into the world. He feels whole, expanded. And it feels good.

He returns to the road and begins walking … a little taller, and silent for a while, in gratitude to Death.

You are invited to meet back here next Tuesday for more of The Fool’s capers through the Major Arcana. Who knows what will happen next? xoxo


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