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TarotTuesday:  The Fool’s Journey - The Star

Oh, hello! So good to meet up again on The Fool’s Journey! This week should be a much calmer ride than when last we met. (Though I would like to apologize for the week’s delay … I was away at the Woodstock Fruit Festival having blissful adventures, and took the time off to unplug.)

When last we left our hero, He had witnessed the total destruction of The Tower. He also had the good fortune of perspective to liken this opportunity for rebuilding The Tower to the opportunity to rebuild His own life. His encounter with The Tower taught Him the gift of reinventing Himself and the mundane expressions of His life in order to better reflect how His foundational beliefs and values shift and change as He learns and grows.

It was a pretty intense lesson for Him to learn. He was exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally. His hopes for some familiar form of rest and rejuvenation were violently dashed by the destructive forces of Nature. He was really feeling like He had reached rock bottom. All that progress and now He was back to Square One and then the slow progress of rebuilding. There was nothing to do but continue His climb up the mountain.

As He trudges along, The Fool spies a shimmery light in the distance. He is immediately enchanted by the way the light sparkles and twinkles. The closer He gets, the more diffuse the light becomes. Eventually, the light scatters to reveal a woman with the most luminescent skin The Fool has ever seen. Her aura shines like a platinum fog around Her. She carries a pitcher in each hand, and is pouring water into a stream from one, and into the dry earth from the other. Her every move is effervescent as light dances all around Her.

The Fool feels some trepidation about presenting Himself to the radiant vision before Him. (He’s been walking this road for ever so long now, the mountain chiseling away at His body and His spirit. Not to mention the fact He’s just come from the site of a natural disaster. He can only imagine what He must look like right now!) Still, His fascination with the glowing creature before Him wins out over His timidity, and He greets the woman.

She tells Him that she is a Star. (‘That explains the sparkly light I saw!’ thinks The Fool.) She explains that She is replenishing both the ebbing stream and the scorched orchards surrounding it. She does this to help slake the thirst and return sustenance to those that suffered from the decimation of the nearby Tower.

She has come down from the heavens to offer hope and a guiding light to those who desire it. She hears the silent cries of those who are lost or suffering, and comes to them to offer aid.

Humbled and heartened by The Star’s mission of hope, The Fool accepts Her invitation to drink from the stream and eat from the orchards. He immediately feels renewed, revitalized, and senses a new clarity of purpose beginning to form within Him. He feels His heart gently opening like the blooming of a lotus flower. It’s as if His soul is shedding all disguise, and He is being reborn, naked, into the world as a new, more wholly authentic version of Himself.

He is renewed. His faith in His journey is restored. He has fully released the false foundations of His former experiences and is ready to move forward as a more integrated and evolved individual.

He looks up to thank The Star for providing this illumination for Him, but She is gone. “Your guiding Star will always be here when She is needed. All you need to do is wish, and I will come,” came Her voice from somewhere above. Turning His gaze skyward, The Fool sees The Star twinkling gaily back at Him from Her heavenly home.

He allows The Star to guide Him onward - higher and higher up the mountain - toward the peak where His road leads. Basking in Her light, and under Her guidance, He feels a sense of serene calm and hope for His future.

Tune in next Tuesday to see what adventures our hero will experience next!


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