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TarotTuesday:  The Fool’s Journey - The Sun

Welcome back, blissful readers! It’s been a dark and trippy night, but now, alas!, The Sun is rising.

As the first rays of light break over the horizon, they land coquettishly on the eyes of our hero. He twitches and grunts, trying to shrug off the flirtation of the morning. He has momentarily forgotten where He is and where He’s been. He has very nearly forgotten who He is, as well.

Eventually the light rouses The Fool, rescuing Him from the dark embrace of His sleeping dreams. He slowly opens His eyes, unsure of what to expect after His long, strange trip through The Moon’s ethereal dreamscape.

He sits up and slowly takes in His surroundings. He finds Himself in a small boat that has washed ashore. He’s not sure which shore, but it seems a fresh and wholesome place. The landscape is verdant and lush. Flora and fauna are thriving here. The air is perfumed with the sweet scents of summer flowers, and the sky is blue and clear. The Sun shines brightly with great presence and warmth as He begins His ascent into the sky.

The Fool, remembering His spectral sojourn beneath The Moon, quickly makes His exit from the dinghy and steps onto the security of terra firma. Immediately He begins to feel … something … something good … a sense of clarity, enlightenment … even a youthful energy rising within Him. It feels amazing.

As the rays of The Sun grow warmer on His skin, The Fool notices these feelings increasing in intensity and power. He feels as if The Sun is refreshing Him; revitalizing Him so that He feels almost as energetic and optimistic as when He first began this long journey.

He walks away from the moored boat, keen to leave any reminders of last night far behind Him. He sees a garden gate up ahead, and makes a beeline for it. With every step He takes toward the gate (and away from the shore) The Fool feels brighter and more energized. His mood lightens, and He feels a renewed sense of optimism washing away any remaining fears and doubts from His long journey into night.

Entering the garden gate, The Fool finds Himself standing in the most beautifully abundant landscape He’s ever seen. The foliage is full and green with bright blooms and blossoms in every shade imaginable. There is a soft fragrant moss carpeting the ground beneath His feet. Butterflies, bees, and birds flit cheerfully through the air. Squirrels, chipmunks, and other woodland creatures abound. The sky is clear and blue and The Sun sends rays of warming light over all of it.

In a corner of the garden, by a limpid pool, The Fool spies a child. The child is alone, but seems happy and carefree. As The Fool approaches, the child begins to speak. Or, at least, The Fool thinks he’s speaking to Him. There aren’t any words coming from the child’s mouth, but The Fool is certain He hears a voice speaking to Him from the child’s mind.

The child tells The Fool he is the voice of The Sun. He is the caretaker of this garden while in this fleshy form, but when in His full fiery form in the heavens, He shines on each of us to remind us that we all get our day in the sun, our own time to shine.

“I am the promise of a new day after the terror of a long dark shadowy night,” He says. “I have the power to imbue you with childlike exuberance and energy, sharpened intellect, clarity of mind, enlightenment and illumination.

“When You have My favor, you will feel that everything in the world is fresh and new. Like this garden I’m tending, you will find that, when I shine upon you, your life will flourish with bountiful abundance. My light dispels the dark clouds of confusion and fear, leaving assurance and confidence in its stead.

“Whoever basks in My light, will find fame and fortune smiling upon them. For I am the light of health, wealth, and recognition.”

The Fool realized that this was exactly what He had experienced as He stepped out of the dinghy and made His way to that fecund garden. He felt uplifted, secure in His decision and His ability to move forward on His path leaving the fear and discomfort of the prior night’s adventure behind Him. He was immediately grateful for the power of The Sun’s light lifting Him from the veil of the darkness through which He’d passed.

The Fool embraced the child in recognition and thanksgiving of these awesome powers of The Sun. The child gently reached up and plucked a ripe apple from a low-hanging branch presenting it to The Fool to nourish Him for the rest of His journey. He then scooped up a flagon of water from the crystalline pool to slake His thirst on the road. The Fool accepted these precious gifts, then bowed, and exited the garden through the gate in the far wall. He left the garden a much bigger and brighter version of Himself than when He arrived.

Taking a deep breath, The Fool continued ahead into the uncharted territory of His future, unafraid of what may come thanks to His own day in The Sun. Tune in next week to find out who He will meet next, and how His journey will be affected by the meeting.


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