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TarotTuesday:  The Fool’s Journey - The World

Welcome back, blissful reader, to the final installment of The Fool’s Journey blog post series! Are you as excited as I am? I hope so! Here we go …

When last we left The Fool, He had just undergone the integration and transformation of Judgment. He was able to forgive Himself for any failures during His quest, and to distract the lessons from each one. Thus, integrating both the shadowy and light aspects of Himself, He emerged a whole, expansive being.

His step has become very sure and grounded by this point in His journey. He is present for every moment - neither looking ahead nor behind. He is aware of His surroundings, and is grateful for the solid earth beneath His feet, the sun on his back, the breeze through His hair.

He is beautifully content in the act of walking on the road when His eye catches a glimmer in the path ahead. Taking His time approaching, The Fool feels a calm sense of curiosity. He notices His emotions are much softer than in the past. He is able to experience His feelings fully, but they aren’t the kinetic harbingers of anxiety they once were. The Fool feels a subtle happiness in this awareness.

When He finally reaches the source of the glimmer, The Fool sees there is a snow globe in the road. “Curious,” He thinks, “to find this toy here in the road. I wonder how it got here?” He begins to inspect the globe, and, to His absolute amazement, He sees what is unmistakably a tiny version of Himself. This tiny rendering is so accurate, it is wearing the same garments as He is wearing even now. He also sees, within the globe, the very place where His journey began. There is His home. And just there is the cliff He almost walked over when He hadn’t learned to mind the road beneath His feet. He sees a small placard on the base of the globe. The placard is engraved with the words: The World.

It is then that The Fool raises His eyes to the scene around Him. He discovers that He is, indeed, right back at the beginning of His quest. He is standing by His former home. Not two feet before Him is the cliff. It is then He realizes that this snow globe - The World - is not a child’s toy left stranded on the road, but, rather, an omen for Him. It is a sign of recognition for The Fool to fully understand that He has come full circle in His quest. He has successfully completed one life cycle. He has learned, and grown, and expanded into a more complete person. He also becomes aware of the way that all of life is cyclical. The journey of Life is a spiral dance made up of cycle after cycle after cycle of evolution and expansion bringing us ever closer to our Soul’s great purpose. We are infinite beings having a finite experience on this earthly plane, and our primary directive is to continue to learn and grow and expand by taking these spiral journeys toward our highest possible individual expression. Each individual spiral makes up the tapestry of the collective, and is the foundation of human progress.

Holding The World in His hands, The Fool is both humbled by this realization and inspired to continue forth on the next journey. He may not know where He’s going or who He’ll meet this time around, but He knows it’s His destiny to set out on the adventure.

Thus, The Fool ends His journey where it began, and begins a new journey where the last was ended. May your own journey through the spiral dance of life elevate your own experience just as beautifully!

Thanks for joining us, blissmakers! See you on the road …


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