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Full Corn Moon in Pisces - A Tarotscope

This tarotscope is a reading performed with the Collective as the querent. It is designed to offer broad insight that we can each use with the current moon phase to help move the Collective forward.

And, as is often the case, since we are simply microcosms of the macrocosm, what is divined for the Collective can be distilled down and applied to the individual.

I hope you find these tarotscopes informative and useful as you navigate your own life experiment.

Should you want more specific guidance from the cards, please sign up for a bespoke reading via the site Shop. I'd love to read for you.




This was a fairly simple 4-card spread. The following was what came through for me.

1 - Seven Pentacles - We are currently experiencing inner tensions around the ideas of scarcity and abundance. This moon is helping to illuminate the discrepancies between our actions of greed and those of charity. As two polar forces, it is possible for them to work harmoniously as one whole. It is time for us to start seeking ways to balance these experiences and expressions in order to move forward in a collaborative and cohesive direction.

2 - The High Priestess - The Collective Unconscious is really being amplified right now. This seems obvious as more and more people are turning to spiritual practices, intuitive ways of processing and procuring information and the things we often keep in the shadows continue to be brought to the light. This is a time ripe for deep foundational change, and the cosmic energies are supportive of this now. Undergoing this profound (and often profoundly uncomfortable) process is also going to bring us greater wisdom as a whole.

3 - The Empress - Something new is ready to be birthed. It's been gestating for a while, but soon it will come to bear in the world. The question now is: Will we trust it to happen naturally and for the greatest good, or will we try to interfere out of fear of the unknown?

4 - The Emperor - The flowy feminine vibes of the PIscean Full Moon will do well when balanced with the more masculine approach to strategic action at this time. Both are necessary now. We need the psychic vision and compassionate nature of the watery Pisces moon, but so, too, the power and organization of The Emperor. It's time for feminine and masculine to rise to their highest expressions in service of the whole rather than fighting each other for dominance.

I confess, I was surprised to see the sequencing of The High Priestess, The Empress, and The Emperor all in a row in this reading. Aside from revealing the highly impactful nature of the current situation with so many trump cards, the sequential nature of them was highly unusual. I see that as nod to the reminder that things are all happening as they are meant to do ... it is all happening in perfect order, which brings us back to the implied message of The Empress: It'll all be fine so long as we don't bugger things up by interfering.

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