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Yesterday brought us the First Quarter Moon phase of this cycle. It occurred at 23° Virgo at 1:18a (EDT). The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is: Mary And Her White Lamb.

First Quarter Moon in Virgo: Mary and Her White Lamb

This Sabian Symbol conjures images of purity, innocence and learning. It fits the Virgo image: Mary needs to tend to her lamb to keep it healthy and happy. There’s a good chance she will train it, teach it. Both Mary and her lamb are presumably children, if we are to go by the old nursery song. There is an unfettered sense of joy and wonder for the world still available during childhood. It’s an unadulterated perspective, and that’s something I think we could all use a little more of during this conflicted modern times. 

The First Quarter Moon phase is an active one. This is the midpoint of the waxing cycle. You are given permission, encouragement even, to say yes to any opportunities that arise. You are also encouraged to take actions to help you move toward your desired goals. Any actions will do, though the more specific you are, the more specific your results are likely to be.

With the Moon in Virgo, there’s a dedication to the daily tasks of living. This is the caregiver, the server, the hostess and the nurse. Virgo is exceptional at taking care of those around her. Where she sometimes falls short is in remembering to take care of herself, and in making sure the recipients of her help actually want it. Stay alert to these potential pitfalls under this Moon.

While the planets are finally starting to spread out a bit, there is still a Gemini stellium giving a boost to our mental faculties, curiosities and communications. Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all taking up residence in this social sign. That’s both the benefics (“beneficial” planets), Venus and Jupiter, and the sign’s ruler, Mercury, creating an alliance with the Sun. It’s very personal and very social. Don’t be surprised if your calendar fills with delightful opportunities and interactions. 

The Moon is opposing Saturn and Neptune, both in Pisces. This could create some conflict between what you want and what might feel prudent to make everyone feel comfortable and included. Use that Gemini diplomacy to help you out when facing any such dilemmas. 

Pluto in Aquarius is squaring Mars in Taurus. Look out for potential conflicts around changes in the power regime and the old tried and true actions you might be trying to take. The two may not be compatible, and it would be wise to find a pivot, and/or to leap a little more slowly and cautiously. ‘Look before you leap’ is an excellent adage to hold in mind at this time. 

All in all, though, I feel like this lunation is a pretty gentle one. Remember Mary and her lamb, and let yourself be guided by the childlike innocence and trust that once informed your every experience. All will be well in the end.


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