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Full Moon in Sagittarius 2022

There’s magick afoot at tomorrow’s Sagittarius Full Moon, blissmakers. For starters, it’s a Super Moon. This means that it’s orbit is at its closest to Earth, so She will appear larger than usual in all Her full glory. This gives Her power a sense of being magnified for us here on Earth. This Sagittarius Full Moon also presents us with the apex of the cycle began at the Sagittarius New Moon (solar eclipse) on 4 December, 2021. The energies instigated at that New Moon could be said to come to their fullest fruition at this Full Moon. From here on out, that energy will begin to wane until we reach the next Sagittarius New Moon in December of this year.

The Full Moon in June is known colloquially as the Strawberry Moon. It’s so named because this is the time of year when strawberries are coming into full prolific ripeness, presenting their sweetness to the world. Some believe it’s fortuitous to gather strawberries beneath the Full Moon, saying it confers more sweetness to the gatherer’s life. Others suggest this is the best time to ask for forgiveness as those we’ve injured may find more sweetness in their hearts toward us.

Full Moons bring a moment of completion of the waxing, or growing, phase of the cycle. It’s the peak point of fullness during which we witness and celebrate the fruition of the seeds planted at the New Moon. It’s a time to take a pause, a big belly breath, to honor our powers of manifestation before descending into the waning half of the cycle for review, reflection and release.

Sagittarius lends His energy to this Full Moon. Sagittarius is the Cosmic Archer. He is the adventurous seeker of Truth and wisdom-through-experience. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion, justice and abundance. The light shining from this Full Moon will do so through this lens. This is an opportunity to look at where and how you are manifesting Truth, adventure and abundance in your life. The Cosmic Archer is represented by the archetype of the Centaur. Centaurs are often wise teachers ready to share what is true and needed for our evolution, rather than pandering to our egos with what is easy. Be open to the lesson, and you may find you are being handed a beautiful pearl of wisdom that will allow you to move forward from a place of stagnancy. (The pearl is an interesting metaphor here, as it is the sacred stone of June, the month of the Gemini Sun. The Sun and Moon are at arms length at the Full Moon. They are in direct contrast, which gives them a sacred synergy to work together, if with opposing energies, to call awareness forward into our perceivable view.)

As I was writing this post, I started reflecting on the concept of Truth. It occurred to me that there are two different versions of Truth. (Well, at least two different versions …)

The first is the Universal Law kind of Truth. This is the Truth that applies to everyone in basically the same way. This kind of Truth includes things like gravity, the perpetuity of Nature’s cycles, certain chemical reactions, etc. This kind of Truth is usually fixed, meaning it doesn't really change through the course of time.

The second kind of Truth is a more personal one. It is not always (nor often) universally accepted. These are truths that we individually come to realize through experience. For example, I know that one my personal Truths is that all life is sacred. I value the life of a mouse as much as I value the life of a human child. This is not a universally accepted Truth. (In fact there are many people who have a personal Truth that holds that human life is more valuable than the life of any other sentient being.) This is not the same for everyone. It is not inherently wrong nor right for the whole of Nature, but it is inherently True for each individual that holds this Truth. These more personal Truths are mutable—they can change, and sometimes they do. Although, many times they do not. The point is that they are individual.

Both of these kinds of Truth are valid and important. However, it can be unconstructive to mistake one for the other. It does not serve to try to force our individual personal Truths onto the Collective; or to claim that another person is wrong for having a different set of personal Truths to our own.

This is just some food for thought for you, blissmakers. I encourage you to make note of your own personal Truths under this Sagittarius Full Moon. I also encourage you to open to being expansive enough to allow for others to hold their own, possibly contradictory, personal Truths. Freedom is a Sagittarian concept, too, after all.

For those who are interested, here are some accompanying cosmic aspects to note at this Full Moon.

First, the Moon and Sun (in opposition, as mentioned above) form a T-Square with Neptune in Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and both express the energy of dreams, flow and a connection with something greater than the Self. There can be an illusory quality, but this usually shows up to remind us that much of what we call reality is actually illusion. This T-Square can create tension between Gemini Sun vibes (social, curious, kinetic), Sagittarius Moon vibes (Truth-obsessed, adventurous, expansive) and Pisces-flavored Neptune (dreamy, illusory, out-of-this-world). The escape route for this tension is the unoccupied fourth point of the square. That lies in the land of Virgo. Virgo is the energy of details, organization and service. So, if you feel some tension at this time, particularly an itch to get out of your usual routines and friend circles, to set out on some adventure that feels free and flowy and untethered, the way to navigate this is to look at the details of your situation with a scrutinizing and meticulous eye, also paying some focus on where and how you might use that energy in a caretaking role (for yourself or others).

Secondly, this Full Moon is sextile Saturn in Capricorn. Sextiles are harmonious aspects. Sagittarius Moon might be telling us about our deepest innermost desires to know our own Truth. Saturn in Capricorn in sextile to the Moon says we can look to where we feel ambition to get clues as to how to find our Truths. Once we begin to understand what they are, we can then establish some boundaries to keep them sacred in our everyday expression of living. It’s likely to be a little easier (if not comfortable) to do this while Saturn is retrograde. This gives us added energy for looking at the internal boundaries and limitations we currently have in place for ourselves so that we can review how well they are serving our desires, and adjust accordingly.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “a bluebird perched at the gate of a cottage”. I interpret this as a hopeful symbol. I remember as a small child I was obsessed with Shirley Temple. I have a vague memory of watching one of her movies in which she set out in search of the bluebird of happiness. She knew that when she found the bluebird, she would have found happiness. Ever since I have associated bluebirds with happiness and contentment. To have a bluebird perched on the gate to one’s cottage seems an auspicious portent of happiness coming home to roost. And isn’t happiness a Truth we are all deeply desiring?

I hope this Sagittarian Full Moon brings you the Truth, adventure and expansion you need to move closer to the deep and fulfilling sense of bliss your desire.



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