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Full Strawberry Super Moon in Capricorn

Today welcomes the Strawberry Super Full Moon in Capricorn. Indigenous people named this the Strawberry Moon because it occurs during the height of strawberry season. (Yum.) This is the final super moon of 2021, which makes it an awesome time to get outside and do some moon bathing, moon dancing or moon gazing when the illumination is amplified and extra shimmery.

Capricorn is lending its energy to this full moon. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. It is represented by the mythical sea-goat creature. This energy is expressed through the themes of limitations, boundaries, structures, ambitions and time. Goats are upwardly mobile creatures. They are nimble and agile in their ascent to great heights despite the treachery of the landscape required to get there. However, the sea-goat has its legs in the deep fluid waters of Mama Earth’s womb. This grounds the ambition of the goat in a deep connection to Soul purpose and emotional fulfillment. This full moon will be illuminating our search for and progression toward our destiny in life. What are we moving toward? How much progress are we making? Is this direction really leading us toward our Soul’s mission?

This is also a time in which we might see more clearly where our boundaries are weak or failing (or nonexistent). Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is currently retrograde. Retrograde planets shepherd us more toward an internal inventory. This is a time during which we might be gaining awareness of our own limitations or getting some very clear insights into how and when (and by whom) our boundaries are being breached. It can be a time to review and reconfigure our own personal systems of structure. (For some people, structure might be very rigid and meticulous. For others, it may be very loose and creative and disheveled. There’s no one way to structure a life, but it is helpful to understand and curate the structures that serve you best.) This may also be a period during which we are evaluating our relationship with time, another Saturnian concept. (Are you feeling like time is running out? Or do you have to much time on your hands? Or are you struggling to have patience in pursuit of a goal?)

You can dive down the rabbit hole of astrology and get really specific about where the moon falls in your houses and signs and at which degrees and creating what aspects with other planets. And if that feels good for you … have at it! However, it’s not necessary to do all that in order to work in collaboration with the Moon.

Return to the intention you set at the New Moon. If you didn’t set an intention … erm, intentionally … you can also look back at what was going on in your life a couple weeks ago. Think about what you were wishing for then or what was feeling exciting and inspiring for you. You can also recount any challenges you were facing then.

The Full Moon is the phase of fruition. It’s the time when the moon and sun are opposite each other in orbit. It’s a period in which the inner truth (moon) and the outer expression (sun) are at a proverbial arm’s length from each other. Having this space between them, we can see how accurately they are reflecting each other. Is the external expression an honest portrayal of the inner truth? Or, in other words, has our intention come to reality in the way we intended?

If yes, great! How do you feel about it? Was it all you hoped it would be? How will you celebrate this win? How do you plan to build on it moving forward?

If no, this is a beautiful moment for getting curious about why things didn’t go according to your plans. Did you take action? Were the actions you took effective? Could you have taken other actions that would have been more effective? Was your intention really aligned with your desires? If yes, could you find another intention that might be a betterrepresentation of what you want? If not, why did you choose this intention? What do you really want instead? Were there outside obstacles that prevented you from manifesting your intention? Could you have prepared for these obstacles before they happened? What could you have done differently to overcome those obstacles?

Keep asking questions until you find the questions that give you the answers you need. And remember that it is only in failing that we learn how to succeed. This is a brilliant (pun intended) opportunity to learn from the full moon.

I hope you get to bask in the light of the Moon’s wisdom and truth in the way that serves you best. Read on for the Full Strawberry Super Moon in Capricorn Tarotscope. It felt like a super powerful and timely offering of wisdom to me. May it speak to you in some inspirational way, too.



Full Strawberry Super Moon in Capricorn Tarotscope:

1. What is the Moon illuminating at this phase of Her fullness? (Moon)

2. What boundaries need attention at this time in order to allow a clearer access to our dreams and desires? (Capricorn)

3. What will help in manifesting a more authentic and honest outer expression of inner truths? (Sun)

1. Page of Swords

2. King of Cups

3. 10 of Cups


1. What is the Moon illuminating for me at this phase of Her fullness? (Moon): Page of Swords is here to let us know we’ve got some learning to do. We may be educated in the way of books and defined explanations of how things work, but this card wants to remind us that we often [as cultures and as individuals] become lazy when it comes to knowledge. We have a tendency to trust in what we’ve been told by the sources we have been told are accurate and we rest on those laurels assuming we are wise in the ways of the world. However, this is not wisdom. This is complacency. To be truly wise is to allow your imagination to fuel your search for knowledge. Let your dreams and wishes guide you in your pursuit of truth—being careful, of course, to remain impartial in the valuing of information. Where it gets tricky is in staying open-minded enough to question the status quo, while also maintaining enough discernment to listen to your intuitive understanding of how Nature operates. Your truth may not be the same truth that is conventionally accepted. Science, these days, is so polluted with bias from those who are funding it, that it can no longer be relied upon as it is presented. We must pay attention to our own inner compasses to lead us to the ideas and truths that are most relevant for us. In essence, this Page is telling us to do our due diligence with data collection and research, but let your gut/heart/soul lead you to what is ultimately true for you.

2. What boundaries need attention at this time in order to allow a clearer access to our dreams and desires? (Capricorn): King of Cups says unequivocally that the answer to this question is mastery over our emotions. This does not mean mastery in the sense of choosing which emotions we feel, when, and in what way. This kind of mastery is about allowing the full range of emotions to move through us, naturally, as they arise. It’s about not becoming slaves to our emotions—which is ultimately what happens when we resist the natural expression of emotions. Our emotions are neither good nor bad. They are simply a navigational system that lets us know when we are in or out of alignment with our true nature. When we accept that we are emotional beings, and that our emotions are here to provide valuable guidance for us, we can allow our emotions to be fully experienced, expressed and integrated. This is what is means to master our emotions. And this is what opens a clear and unimpeded path to all that we desire.

3. What will help in manifesting a more authentic and honest outer expression of inner truths? (Sun): Interestingly, the 10 of Cups, here, visually echoes the Capricorn sea-goats. There is a sense of completion and wholeness here that comes from allowing what we show to the outer world to be, if not wholly reflective of, then at least rooted in our deep watery depths. We are all born from the watery wombs of our mothers, and connected by the watery wombs of this planet. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, just as Earth is. Water is life. And water is fluid. We cannot continue to bury our emotions in the deep dark places within, if we want to live with any sense of Truth, Justice or Freedom in the world. We must allow allow them to flow freely and fluidly. Ten of Cups is basically confirming what King of Cups was telling us, above. We must strive for honest mastery over our emotions—including full and authentic expression of each emotion in the spectrum that arises for us—in order to reach that perfect state of being our own beautiful unique necessary individual selves. Once we find that equilibrium between our inner truths and our outer expressions, we will realize that our differences are the very things that will bring us together in love, light and hope.


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