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Last Quarter Moon in Pisces: Flying High

The Last Quarter Moon phase hits at 1:13p tomorrow, Thursday, at 9° Pisces. The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is: An Aviator In The Clouds.

An aviator in the clouds

This Sabian Symbol conjures ideas of someone who is absolutely and joyfully in their element. There is a sense of lightness and an almost ethereal quality of being in an aligned place and time. 

The Moon in Pisces has that dreamy quality, too. It helps you align with your loftiest dreams, giving cosmic support to your mundane efforts. It also provides an elevated vantage point from which you can look back over the manifestations you earned at the Full Moon, so that you can see them with a little broader perspective, putting a little time and space between you and it so you can look more objectively and less reactively. 

The Moon is squaring not only the Sun, but also Venus and Jupiter, all in kinetic Gemini. This creates some tension and some motivation to perhaps change directions moving forward. With this lofty Piscean perspective, you are also able to get a broader understanding (Jupiter) of what really worked for you (Venus) and aligned with who you came here to be (Sun). If/when you feel any disconnection around your intentions and what you actually experienced as the outcome of your actions, you can know that something needs to be addressed to avoid making the same mistakes next time. 

Pluto in Aquarius is exactly trining Jupiter in Gemini. This means you have a little cosmic support in being able to take what you learn from this period of reflection and use it to your benefit in a way that will aid you in your transformative evolution. There is great power in learning from failure, small and big. This is a chance to pocket some of that power. 

All in all, I see this as a pretty fortuitous phase in the Moon’s cycle. Give yourself the time and space to truly review how you got where you are. Then ask yourself how you might change things in order to bring yourself closer to your perfectly suited situation. Just as the aviator in the clouds, you have a happy place. This lunation gives you the tools to get yourself a little (or a lot) closer to it.


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