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New Moon in Scorpio

Another new moon is upon us, blissmakers. This cycle finds the moon beginning its turn in the sign of Scorpio. Buckle up, kiddos … we could be in for a wild ride.

Scorpio, depicted by the cosmic scorpion, is a fixed water sign. With the watery influence, emotions are in abundance. The fixed quality warns of a tendency to fixedness bordering on obsessiveness. Scorpio energy is mysterious, secretive and deep. It is desirous of understanding what lies at the deepest heart of things—the essence, or truth. Scorpio also has a deep need for connection with others. This is not a superficial connection, but rather a soul bond, whether that be with a romantic partner, a bosom friend, a trusted colleague or a favorite clerk at the corner market. Sexuality, debts, secrets and shadows all fall under the purview of the scorpion, for it governs that which is often kept hidden.

Scorpio’s traditional ruler is the planet Mars. This accounts for the somewhat aggressive and manipulative nature of the scorpion. The modern ruler of the sign is Pluto, which emphasizes its themes of transformation, death and rebirth.

The new moon, as we know, sets the start of a new cycle, a new beginning. In Scorpio we are offered an opportunity to get curious about whatever it is that has been hidden from us. This is an excellent time to delve into some Shadowcraft, diving down into the dark recesses of oneself in search of pearls. It is quite likely to be an emotional adventure, and there are risks of it becoming a bit of an obsession, so be cautious, dear reader.

But, if you are courageous and intrepid enough to embark on the journey, and to see it through, it may well prove to be a brilliantly transformative experience.

The tarot called revealed for this New Moon in Scorpio is Knight of Swords.

Knights are messengers. The often herald the arrival of some new information. They also bear the spirit of the teenager—rebellious, entitled and fearless. Swords are the suit of the Fire element. Swords, themselves, are forged in fire in order to temper and strengthen them, providing them with their functionality. Just as the sword is made whole and complete in the fire, so, too, is the identity of the individual (or the collective, the situation, etc.) is established by trial by fire. Fire is passionate; full of will and discipline, when required, and wild and unrestrained, when allowed.

The tarot is telling us that we might expect some new information that, though it may feel uncomfortable, frightening or even painful, will actually transform the very essence of who we are lifting us up to the next plane of our evolution. If we can successfully navigate through this forging, we will ascend to greater heights than we’ve known before.

Like I said … a wild ride! May you enjoy every minute of it.


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