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Pisces New Moon 2023

Check out the latest video in which I walk you through what to expect from today's New Moon in Pisces! (Click the image.)

Then ... if you want some guidance to help you engage with the Moon and Her energies during the entire length of the cycle, grab yourself a copy of the Pisces New Moon Cycle digital workbook. It's a tiny investment with huge dividends. (Plus, you can use it again next year and the year after that, and so on ...)

Lastly, consider joining the free Moon Meets community, if you haven't already, to be kept informed about the magick of the Moon's cycles and phases as well as some of the more potent cosmic weather affecting us individually and collectively. It's a great space to connect with like-minded folks who are exploring their own relationships with Nature. and the cosmos. Plus it's a great space to ask questions that relate to your specific conditions and experiences, so you can find answers you can practically apply to your life. (Click HERE to sign up!)

Wishing you a dreamy Pisces New Moon Cycle, blissmakers! xoxo


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