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Ever feel like you just need to get away from the chaos and obligation of everyday life? Just for a bit, at least? Allowing yourself to be submerged in a new routine where the primary objective is to feel the absolute best you can?

This is what going on retreat is all about!

Retreats provide us with opportunities to pause the turbulence and busyness of modern life, so that we can re-connect with what is truly important. It gives us the space and support to return to ourselves—the deep inner wise Self—so that we can find our sense of sacred balance and wellness once again. It’s like resetting the system to the original factory settings, if you know what I mean?

If you are feeling like it might be time for you to get yourself on retreat, I have just the thing for you. I have the great honor of co-hosting the upcoming Raw Bliss! retreat with raw food guru, Olivia Hertzog. Olivia has been living a raw foods lifestyle for years, and during that time she’s developed some mouthwateringly delicious recipes. She’ll be sharing these recipes at the retreat, as well as providing some food demos so you can learn how to bring more of these nutritious and delicious foods into your own diet.

She’s also quite the social media influencer, with over 20K followers on Instagram! She’s knowledgable about diet and lifestyle science, and has a very approachable way of sharing her knowledge with those who are curious. Not to mention the fact that she’s just a truly beautiful human being who lives what she teaches and believes. I am so lucky to call Olivia my friend.

I will also be bringing some of my own magick to this powerful weekend experience. I’ll be invoking the power of the sacred circle through rituals at the opening and closing of the retreat. I’ll be offering up some guided meditations designed to help you untangle yourself from the world outside of you, and reconnect with the deepest and most aligned sense of Self that is always within you. I’ll be leading a round table discussion for those who are interested in diving more deeply into the power of food to affect our emotional and mental health. I’ll be sharing yoga, tarot readings, and even personal alchemy hot seat sessions to help you get even more clarity around how you can be the best and most blissful version of yourself when you emerge from the retreat, returning to your ‘regular’ life!

I’m so excited to share all this magick with you, blissmakers! It’s really going to be a powerful and blissful experience. It’s a weekend retreat, so it’s easy to carve out the time in your schedule. (And your health and sanity are worth at least a weekend, no?) There will be experiential group activities as well as down time to both process and rest.

This Raw Bliss! retreat is happening soon, but there are still a few spaces left. Doesn’t it sound nice to get away from your life for a minute? To sneak away to the breathtaking and mystical mountains of Asheville, NC for a weekend of blissful self-care and reconnection? Yeah, I think so, too!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now! Go HERE for more info and to find the link to register. I am so excited to see you there! xoxo



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