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The First Quarter Moon in Leo: Chasing Rainbows

This morning the moon reached the midpoint of the waxing half of her cycle, marking the first quarter phase. This happened at 7:48a at 25° of Leo.

First Quarter Moon in Leo: Chasing Rainbows

The Sabian symbol for this lunation is: After A Heavy Storm A Rainbow Appears. Well, isn’t that just a welcoming vision? This reminds us that amidst all this change and the discomfort of sitting on the precipice of big change, it is all in service to the promise of some brighter and more beautiful future experience. The storm is needed to clear the way for what’s coming. And what’s coming might just be magickal.

This is a time for making moves and actively pursuing goals. The stellium in Taurus supports a slow and steady wins the race kind of approach. Taurus is determined, patient, diligent and hardworking. It knows that all that toil and labor will be worth it when it reaps the rewards of luxury and relaxation that follows. 

This notion is confirmed by the Sun sitting between Jupiter and Uranus here, and Venus joining the thruple. The Sun makes the Big Changes more personally relevant, highlighting our own roles in the process. Venus is here to keep reminding you of the sweet, sweet rewards to be gained from all the effort.

There’s still a strong motivating factor coming from the Aries stellium, especially with Mercury and Mars in the mix. Remember to use your personal pain and shame to help fuel your actions forward right now. 

Mercury still loosely conjuncting Chiron in Aries, and squaring Pluto in Aquarius, means there’s still some time to get some transformational answers that can bring some healing to those pain points. But you must be willing to share them. Keeping your pain under wraps won’t help yourself or anyone else.

Your emotions are key under this lunation. They are the handle in the bucket configuration of this First Quarter Moon chart. You may them a focal point to help you keep taking steps forward despite a lack of complete clarity on where you’re headed. They may be a source of understanding and wisdom that gets channeled through and/or projected onto the others in your life. Either way, be aware of what you’re feeling and how you can use your feelings to make the wisest choices. 

With so much Fixed energy here and Fire and Earth fighting for dominance, you may find it difficult to be open to anything new or different. You may have to work hard to overcome a sense of inertia in the face of so much change and instability. But if you can dig deep enough to tap into your heart’s fiery center, you may just become unstoppable.


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