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Welcome to Taurus Season!

The Sun enters Taurus today, 19 April, 2024, ushering in the season of security, values, physicality, patience and resourcefulness.


Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac. It is a fixed earth sign. Fixed signs have energy that is not easily moved. Once it takes on a belief, perspective or position, it will hold fast to it, despite outward attempts to change it. Earth signs relate to the physical realm. They are the energy of the body, mundane matters, and resources (including, but not limited to, financial assets).


We are fresh out of eclipse season, and while under normal circumstances, that might offer a reprieve in cosmic intensity, that's not exactly the case now. Tomorrow Jupiter and Uranus make their exact conjunction in Taurus bringing a promise of big change, innovation and breakthroughs. (Click here for more details.) Mercury is still retrograde. (He goes direct on the 25th.) And the upcoming Full Moon on 23 April is in the intensely deep sign of Scorpio. Turbulence abounds this season. And with the potential tendencies toward laziness that can sometimes nag at us during Taurus season, we will need to be vigilant to keep our eyes on the horizon and our feet solidly on the ground as we navigate the turmoil. It's all in service of our growth, after all.


Here are some ideas for tapping into this Taurus season energy:


  • Get grounded! Really dial into those earthy Taurus season vibes by practicing your favorite tools for getting grounded, whether that be earth walking (or earthing), lying in the grass, using guided meditations or another practice that helps you focus on your body and its relationship to gravity.

  • Take a Money Date. A Money Date is a consciously scheduled chunk of time in which you tend to your finances. You can balance your accounts, check on your debts and/or your investments, adjust your budget, etc. to ensure that you are utilizing your resources optimally for your personal needs and preferences.

  • Move your body! Take a walk, go for a swim, lift some weights, stretch, climb a tree ... the possibilities are endless. The weather is warming up and the outdoors beckon, but you. can also move your body indoors. This is simply a moment to reacquaint yourself with the experience of living inside your physical shell.

  • Engage your senses ... all of them. Look at something you find beautiful. Listen to something melodious or uplifting. Smell some flowers in bloom or other fragrance that brings you delight. Taste something delicious and savor it. Explore various textures through touch. Taurus is sensual.

  • Rest. Taurus rules the physical. This means moving the body, but also resting the body. Make space for resting. And that doesn't have to just mean sleeping. Hop in a hammock for an afternoon nap. Curl up on the sofa for a few hours of reading a favorite book, blog or magazine. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds drift by.


Some of the potential shadowy expressions of Taurus season to be on the lookout for are moments of laziness, overindulgence and stubbornness. These could be coming at you from the outside world or being born into the world from your own thoughts, voice and actions.


There’s still a lot of Piscean and Aries energy at play in the cosmos as the Sun transitions into Taurus. We might still be feeling a little extra emotional and/or prone to escapist tendencies. We may also be feeling a little extra aggressive. But Taurus will help to bring some practicality to these experiences.


I hope you are able to find your own sense of security as you navigate this season. xoxo


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