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The Tarot Tells: What's In Store For The Next Waning Moon Phase?

The Tarot Tells is a series of blog posts in which I use the mysteries of the tarot to divine some practical guidance for us mortals. Think of it as like a horoscope, but instead of stars, I'm consulting cards. I hope you find it helpful and applicable to your daily life. If you have questions, or if you would like to book your very own personalized tarot reading, please click on the image above, or just pop over to the Shop, and book your reading there. Easy, peasy!

Date: 11 April, 2017

Deck: Ceccoli Tarot

Moon Phase: Full

Spread: Truncated Celtic Cross

  1. 4 Clubs

  2. 2 Swords

  3. VI - The Lovers

  4. II - The Magician

  5. X - The Wheel

  6. 10 Swords

The 4 Clubs in the Querent position shows that we are currently in a position to have our perspectives tested. Things may not be what they seem. It is possible that we are not taking the care to see what is truly going on around us. It is also possible we could be manipulating our own perspective by retreating into a fantasy world where everything is gumdrops and lollipops. This keeps us from facing our truths, and being present in the now.

The chief obstacle lying in our path to mastery over this challenge is indicated in the 2 Swords. We must make balance between the past and present to move successfully into the future. As we enter this new waning phase, it is an excellent time to go within and see what chronic patterns might be currently vying for the spotlight. When any of these patterns begin to take dominance over the others, we can lose our footing and fall into old familiar potholes. Learning to make peace with the parts of ourselves that create our various patterns can help us to navigate the tightrope between the past and the present in a much more balanced and poised fashion. (AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you are unable to find this peace, I might suggest seeking outside counsel. I, personally, have had very favorable results with the Internal Family Systems model.)

Externally, it might seem as if we are enjoying some new creative inspiration. (The Lovers) And we very well may be. But this is not what is driving our dance with perspective. In fact, we are learning how to create meaningful and progressive growth for ourselves as individuals. The Magician tells us it is this very attempt to master ourselves that is driving these current shifts, and that can, if we stay the course, help us achieve the balance which will allow us to progress.

We come to this current set of circumstances by completing the task that came before. We were recently accosted by Chaos. We were trying to maintain some semblance of composure as the Universe took random shots at us, seemingly just for sport. (The Wheel) Now that Fate has tested us, we are given the chance to see how well we can implement what we learned. If we are successful, 10 Swords shows that we will be a vital member of society. We will be able to give of ourselves for the nourishment of others. We will also be able to take a wound without completely crumbling. We'll be stronger, but will still retain the soft, sweetness that makes us human. If we fail, we’ll continue to come up against the same challenges in different forms until we do succeed. Such is the elegance of Life: We have infinite opportunities to get it right.

So, during this waning moon phase, focus your energies on being present, seeking balance, and paying attention to your environment (internal and external). If you can manage to keep putting one foot in front of the other, you’ll be just fine.

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