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The Tarot Tells: New Moon in Pisces

The Tarot Tells:  New Moon in Pisces

Deck: The Dreaming Way

Date: 17 March, 2018

Time: 8:00p

Moon Phase: New Moon in Pisces

Spread: Experiments In Bliss’ New Moon Spread

Cards Drawn:

1. Temperance

2. Justice

3. 9 Pentacles

4. 5 Swords

5. 3 Wands

New Moon Tarot Spread

Card Impressions:

  1. What area of life is ready for the planting of new seeds/intentions?

  2. How do these seeds/intentions need to be nourished to grow to fruition?

  3. What internal factors can be called upon/cultivated to offer guidance and support during this planting phase?

  4. What external factors can be called upon/cultivated to offer guidance and support during this planting phase?

  5. What gains can be expected from the manifestation of the seeds being planted during this new moon?

General Overview:

This New Moon in Pisces ushers in a time of great healing potential. It is a time for diving deep into the cosmic waters, greeting whatever it is that floats into consciousness from the depths, to emerge baptized, transformed, revived. This work is aided by Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio bringing expansion of awareness to the secrets we keep hidden deep within ourselves. Chiron in Pisces also offers the wisdom and guidance of the sage counselor and healer amplified by the power of Pisces’ curative waters. Whatever happens during this new moon phase will likely initiate the salving of some deep long-hidden wound(s). If we are willing to trust in the power of our own inner strength and wisdom, holding patience for the process, we may find ourselves emerging with a greater sense of wholeness and connection with the All That Is.

Temperance in Position 1 suggests, firstly, that consciously planting new seeds/intentions is of great significance during this new moon phase, and, as such, is likely to reap greater consequence. And it is the garden of forbearance, patience, and balance that is awaiting our offering. We are being called to do some emotional work during this new moon darkness. It is time to navigate those hidden depths we tend to avoid, and to do so with mindfulness and presence with the process.

Justice (Position 2) gives us clues as to how to nourish these seeds of deep emotional healing. She tells us to look at the things that are revealed during this work with objectivity and equanimity. These old wounds will cease to have the power to inflict pain if we can shift our perspective to one of curious observation rather than assumption, blame, or victimhood. As Justice is a Trump card, the impartial judging of these wounds is of paramount importance in the success of this healing work.

Internally, cultivating a sense of deep grounding and rootedness in ourselves, will offer great service and support during this work. So, 9 Pentacles reveals in Position 3.

Externally, 5 Swords [in Position 4] suggests it will be helpful to maintain a sense of internal focus, and to remain unfettered by distractions or any peripheral claims on our attention.

According to 3 Wands in Position 5, if we are able to complete this task that is set before us, and truly nurture these seeds of healing that we are planting beneath this Pisces new moon, we can expect to manifest a renewed sense of hope and a refined and revitalized sense of purpose for the future. Creativity will burst forth with clear intent, and passion will begin to burn bright after lying dormant for a spell. In other words, our gardens should yield some pretty sweet fruit.

Vintners have this understanding that to make a truly exceptional wine, the grapes have to be made to struggle a bit on the vine. This new moon phase is kind of like that: It’s our time to struggle on the vine. And while it might not be the most fun ever, it will yield some pretty spectacular nectar for the effort.

I hope this reading proves helpful and insightful for you! If you have any questions at all, please feel welcome to message me. Good luck as you navigate this Lesson!



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