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a word about intuition ...

Cancer season seems like a perfect time to write a post about intuition. After all, Cancer is ruled by The Moon, who bestows some very potent intuitive powers. 

Over the years I have had many conversations with clients, friends, family and even strangers about the intuitive arts. I’m often surprised by how much confusion there is around the subject. Although, I’m not really sure why … by its very nature, intuition is a nebulous concept. Still, so many people don’t even know what intuition is. So, let’s begin this post with a quick working definition, shall we?

a word about intuition

Intuition is, in its most basic form, the acquisition of knowledge from sources other than conscious, rational data collection. It is a way of receiving, processing and understanding data that supersedes logical explanation, but that is, nonetheless, accurate.  

Ever find yourself thinking of someone, and then a few moments later, they call you? Or perhaps you’re traveling and you just have a feeling that you should take a different route than the one suggested by the GPS? Once you arrive safely at your destination, you find out there was a 15-car pileup on that route the GPS was suggesting. You were able to save yourself the headache of that traffic delay. These are small, mundane examples of your intuition at work. 

There are many avenues of intuitive expression. And any given individual may possess one or many at any given time. We come by our intuitive gifts naturally, but we can train ourselves in the intuitive arts to strengthen our skills when they’ve gone dormant from too little use, or to try to encourage a particular type of intuition we might find interesting.

Some of the more popular tools and practices for intuition development are as follows:

  • Divination (ie: tarot (cartomancy), tea leaves (tasseomancy), crystal gazing (scrying), etc.)

  • Dreamwork (analysis and interpretation of the symbols presented via subconscious dreamscapes)

  • The “Clairs” - clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustance, clairalience (extrasensory input from the basic human senses)

  • Gut Feelings and Instincts

  • Meditation (guided, self-initiated, and specific focusing practices)

While everyone is born with at least some intuitive capacity, many of us are conditioned to shut down these gifts at an early age thanks to the fears and misunderstandings held by popular culture around anything that cannot be explicitly proven by current logical structures. 

If you find yourself in this all-too-common predicament, and you want to rediscover your own intuitive gifts, take heart! Your intuition never truly goes away. You can always call it forth when you’re ready to begin working with it again.

It’s absolutely possible to unearth your intuitive gifts on your own through research, experimentation and practice. If this is something that feels exciting for you, then definitely give it a go! We’re living in pretty abundant times as far as resources are concerned. There are thousands of books, videos, blogs, and self-led online courses available at the click of a mouse. Choose your own adventure and run with it!

If, however, you are someone who prefers to have a little guidance in your process, there are also options for you! You can choose to work with an experienced coach, mentor, or guide in a one-on-one setting.

There are also group learning scenarios that allow you to collaborate with others as you take this journey together. These range from grass-roots-style gatherings of laypeople who like to learn together as they go, to more structured group learning cohorts facilitated by an experienced teacher.

Your first opportunity to engage your intuition can lie in choosing the course of action that feels most exciting and aligned for you!

There’s no one way to develop and/or strengthen your intuitive gifts. With so many options available, it can be helpful to do a little research at the outset to increase your chances of choosing something that will work well for you and your particular talents and interests. 

To give you a jumping-off point, you can check out my Intuition Development services. I offer a self-led downloadable digital course, as well as a more intensive and personalized 1:1 training experience. (Read about these offerings HERE. Use discount code INTUITION2024 for 10% off the self-led digital training course during the month of July, 2024.)

However you choose to go about it, developing a relationship with your intuition can be a powerful and rewarding experience. And aren’t you worth that? Yes, friend, you are!


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