Human Design 101: Strategy + Authority

Welcome to the second installment in my Human Design 101 series. This series is intended to help break down the fundamentals of the Human Design system in such a way that they can be practically understood and applied. Today we’re discussing what is arguably the most important piece of any Design: Strategy + Authority.

You may wonder why I am lumping these two elements together, especially if they are so important. But it’s because they are so important—and so connected—that I’m lumping them. I have found, from my own experience, that studying and practicing them concurrently can make them much more accessible.

Okay, so what is Strategy and Authority?

First of all, everyone has both a Strategy and an Authority. They are the same throughout your life, meaning they aren’t changeable. They are determined by your bodygraph, and this is where you can find what yours are. (For a free bodygraph you can go to the following websites:,, You can also order a comprehensive chart reading from me HERE. Don’t forget to use the code READMEHD for a significant discount through the end of 2021.)

Let’s delve more deeply into Strategy first. Strategy is the way we are designed to interact with the stimuli of the world. Each Aura Type (go HERE to learn more about Types) has a specific Strategy. They are as follows:

Manifestors have the Strategy of Informing. This means that they are meant to engage with the world by informing others of the things they are initiating. This way, others can be prepared for and start getting excited for the new innovations Manifestors are bringing to the world.

Generators and Manifesting Generators have the Strategy of Responding. This means they are meant to respond to external stimuli rather than acting from internal aspirations. They are not here to initiate new ideas, but, rather, to bring the new ideas of the Manifestors into reality. They are here to respond with action when the world gives them cues about what is needed and how they can bring it into being. (Quick Note: When I say Generators and MGs are here to bring the new ideas of the Manifestors into reality, it doesn’t mean that you’re here to be an automaton slaving away for someone else’s dream. It’s more that you have a specific set of skills and talents that allow you to actually do what the ideas people are unable to. You will likely have your own way of bringing those things into the world, and that will provide you with a sense of autonomy.)

Projectors have the Strategy of Waiting For The Invitation. This doesn’t mean they need to receive a formal invite in the mail or a literal invitation from someone’s mouth to do things. What it means is that they aren’t Manifestors, so they aren’t meant to come up with their own ideas of what to create for the world. And they aren’t Generators or MGs, so they aren’t designed to play the role of the worker bee bringing ideas into reality. They are Projectors. They have a unique vision of how to view certain things so that others can better understand them. They often will only know what this special vision is for (or even that it’s special) until someone asks them for it (or invites them to share it). An invitation may come in the form of a friend offhandedly mentioning how they wish someone could invent a better way of building a backyard deck that could be less wasteful and more cost effective; or how frustrating it is when they can’t get their administrative team to communicate effectively at work and wouldn’t it be nice if there was some magical system they could share with their team to fix that problem? The Projector will know exactly how to solve that problem. If a Projector tries to offer their solutions to people who haven’t asked for it, they will be met with resistance (at best). Waiting for the invitation, however, allows them to swoop in with the solutions just as they are needed, super hero style. (When we follow our Strategies, happiness ensues.)

Reflectors have the Strategy of Waiting A Lunar Cycle. This means that when a Reflector interacts with the world’s stimuli—specifically when it comes to the more transformational moments in life, not so much with the insignificant mundane matters—they are designed to wait a full 28 days before acting. (There’s a specific reason for this, which we’ll discuss below in the section on Authorities.)

Before you get your knickers in a twist wondering why you have to do any of these things, let me explain why you might want to. First of all, you can do anything you want. You have free will. You are an autonomous being. You are the boss of you. If you are a Reflector, you can still act on your impulses and desires immediately when they arise. If you are a Manifestor, you can plow ahead with your plans without informing anyone. It’s not that you HAVE to use your Strategy. It’s more that your Strategy is part of your design to help you find the smoothest and most enjoyable path through life. If you act in opposition to your Strategy, you may be able to make some traction, but it will likely be difficult, ignored or ill-received. Following your Strategy will likely result in your endeavors being beautifully successful with minimal gruntwork and opposition. It’s kind of like having a built-in “easy” button that allows you to offer your magick to the world in the perfect way and perfect time for the world to wholeheartedly receive it and recognize you for it.

So, now you know your Strategy and why it makes sense to use it, let’s move on to Authority.