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The Tarot Tells ... Full Moon Forecast for the Moontide

Learn what's in store for the Cold Moon cycle!

Deck: Dreaming Way

Date: 3 December, 2017

Time: 2:00p (CST)

Moon Phase: Full

Spread: Truncated Celtic Cross

Cards Drawn:

1. King Cups

2. 8 Wands

3. 8 Cups

4. 9 Wands

5. High Priestess

6. 7 Swords

Card Impressions/General Overview:

It's December! Time for the Cold Moon. Time to settle in to the darkness and unwrap our gifts of introspection and receptivity. After all, we've earned it! This year has been, in many ways, a grueling test of our emotional fortitude. But, fear not, Bliss Bunnies, for we are intrepid! And this forecast is showing signs of a little reprieve on the horizon.

Presently, we are floating atop our emotional sea in a fully embodied and comfortable state after having tamed the turbulent waters of recent past, as depicted by the King of Cups. We have mastered our emotions … at least for the moment. Some of us may feel adrift in the sea, but we can be okay with that, because we now know we are capable of navigating these waters successfully.

Eight Wands shows our challenge is to recognize that, while the fevered pitch of the flow of our passions has quieted, all that ruckus did it's work: New growth is taking place. Those buds are beginning to unfold and are creating movement in our lives. And not just any movement, things are headed in an onward and upward trajectory. Eights are related to Strength. They tell of the beneficial results that come from facing our fears and doing the hard work, even (and sometimes especially) when it feels uncomfortable. And sometimes the thing that is most uncomfortable is waiting for the results of applied effort. The key here is to allow these buds to unfold without getting in their way.

Externally we may feel as if others are relying on us to refill their cups from our own internal wellsprings (8 Cups). But, we are beginning to realize that it is not any one person’s task to fill the cups of others. It is only for us to each tend our own ocean, and to fill our own cups. This is how progress is made. It takes steady and consistent care, and diligent focus on the path ahead. Become proactive about tending your emotional landscape. Make the commitment to your Self - your own needs and desires - and the payoff will be worth any effort expended in the process.

On a deeper, more internal, level, Nine Wands indicates we could be feeling stuck on the path. Or maybe we’re just tired and in need of a little rest. Either way, taking some personal time to replenish the energy reserves is in order. You’re already at the finish line on this passion project you’ve been diligently toiling away at throughout the year. This is the final stage in which you can reflect on your accomplishments and make any final adjustments before moving on to the next exciting adventure.

The last lesson learned on this cosmic path was one of internal mastery. The High Priestess is all about the subconscious, that which is hidden, the Mysteries of life. Her gift is her ability to walk both in the light and the shadow with equal finesse and without fear. (Or, at least, without letting Fear get the best of her.) She’s the reason we are sitting on that kingly throne atop the ocean right now. (Position 1).

As we dance our way through this current lesson, and make friends with the challenges inherent therein, we are likely to find ourselves gathering up our weapons of mass destruction and putting them away for the winter. Winter is coming. And, fortunately, we aren’t playing a Game of Thrones. Seven Swords tells that this winter is a peaceful one. It is about further introspection. It is about laying down our arms and releasing the resistance we've been harboring toward old dragons that we’ve been fighting for ages. Now is the time to sit down with those dragons, share a cup of tea and some cake, and really listen to what they’ve been trying to tell us with all that rumbling. Sevens are about taking control of discordant elements and situations. They are relatives of the Chariot. In this instance, the cards are telling us that the best way to gain mastery over the coming season is to take a peaceful, receptive stance toward whatever appears at the door.

We have come so far and grown so much this year! It’s been a bumpy ride for many, but things should start calming down for a spell. So, go put your kettle on the stove, your woolens on your toes, and curl up and enjoy it!

I hope this reading proves helpful and insightful for you! If you have any questions at all, please feel welcome to message me. If you’d like to have own cards read for more clarity about this moontide season, or anything else on your mind, just head on over to my website and book a reading. ( Good luck, Bliss Bunnies!


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