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New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra, which takes place on Wednesday, 06 October, at 7:05a (EDT), begins the next cycle of la luna bella. This is a beautiful time to focus on where in our lives we have shifted out of balance with ourselves and our Soul’s path.

Libra is the astrological sign that is all about balance. She is ruled by Venus, and Her energies also include collaboration, partnership, equality (another word for balance), loving exchanges and enjoyment of the pleasures of life.

This New Moon occurs at 13 degrees Libra, so to find out more specifically how this might affect you in your own life, you can look at the astrological house containing 13 degrees Libra in your natal chart. This house will represent the area of your life where you might feel this Libra energy most intensely.

For example, I have 13 degrees Libra in my second house in my natal chart. The second house is the House of Possessions, or the House of The Material. This house represents those qualities of life that pertain to material expression, such as money, physical possessions, wants or material cravings, and what and how we place value in our lives. So, I might find myself feeling a need for more balance in my budget, or needing to reevaluate how I am choosing to make use of my possessions in service of my own desires and needs and the good of the collective. (And that can mean my tangible possessions as well as the skills, talents and wisdom I possess.) These are, of course, only a couple of possible expressions of this Libra energy acting on the second house influence in my life. But it can give you an idea of where to expect this energy to flow most potently in your own life.

The sign of Libra will play host to a stellium at this New Moon. A stellium is when three or more planets (or four or more, if one of those is a luminary, the Sun or Moon) inhabit a single sign. This stellium includes the Sun, the Moon, Mars and Mercury (still in its retrograde state). This cluster of planetary presence boosts the energy of the sign containing them. Libra is an Air sign, so there will be a lot of Air energy during this New Moon time. In the sign of libra, I find Air showing up as inspiration; as the winds of change that bring more harmony and balance to life. This Libra stellium may just waft through our lives like a breath of fresh air helping us find a greater sense of balance, collaboration and cooperation.

With the Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury Rx conjunct one another, we can hope for a beautiful blending of each celestial body’s energies to make a special cocktail of Libra-inspired magick.

Mercury Rx inspires an introspective review of how we move through the world, and how that movement aligns with how we wish to do so.

Mars provides energy for action. With Mars in Libra we can start taking steps to do something constructive with that inner knowledge gained from the introspective review.

The Sun shines a light on our current relationship with balance, collaboration and cooperation in our lives. This may be illuminating our relationships with others or our way of interacting with ourselves. Most likely it will be a little of both. In any case, He lights up the path we are on so that we can see it more clearly.

The New Moon reminds us that this is a new beginning, and gives us the intuitive guidance we need to stay on track as we move forward toward ever more wholeness and understanding of this mortal life.

In the sign of Libra, we will recognize that our path will be leading us toward a more balanced expression of ourselves (individually and collectively) along the spectrum of possibilities—and away from the limitations of the extremes of the binaries—bringing more playfulness to the seriousness of life and vice versa.

In other words, we are being given a golden opportunity to restore some balance in our lives as we transition from the waxing half of the year to the waning. This is a continuation of the energy that was at its most powerful during the equinox. We can look at where we can loosen up and release stress in our lives. Conversely, we can get clearer on where we might need more concentrated focus and action to move us closer to our desires. We can [re]discover our own special balance of alone time vs. social time. We can look to our personal health habits to see where we are out of balance. Do we need more sleep? Less? More exercise? Less? There’s no set answer that works for everyone here. Experiment with your own needs and preferences and how your energy responds to the choices you are making.

This New Moon in Libra is a wonderful time to set intentions around those airy Libra themes. And as you set your intention, imagine you are casting it into the wind to be carried through this moon cycle as it transforms into reality. Utilize the power of Mars’ active energy to help push that wind along when it falters.

And if you should want to explore this cycle in a supportive group setting, consider joining my monthly Moon Meets. We meet via Zoom call at each New Moon for an exploration of the cosmic influences, intention setting and tarot readings. This is followed by special email messages at the First Quarter phase, the Full Moon and the Last Quarter phase. It’s a wonderful way to develop or deepen your connection to the Moon and Her cycles. And … it’s FREE! Click HERE to learn more.


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